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Lealands High School - A Specialist Sports College
Sundon Park Road, LU3 3AL, UK Luton
+44 (0)1582 611600

Welcome to Lealands High School – A Specialist Sports College

Lealands has established a reputation as a safe and caring learning environment, where students are encouraged to be active and enthusiastic participants in the learning process.  Students enjoy learning, acquiring the skills and knowledge needed for a successful transition to adult life.
We are particularly proud of our students' academic achievements and examination results show a considerable, sustained improvement over the last few years.  Lealands’ staff and students work extremely hard to ensure the best academic standards possible.
Of course, school life is about more than academic success.  Lealands aims to provide a positive environment where young people can mature socially, physically and culturally as well as intellectually.  Our focus on attainment, underpinned by strong and effective monitoring and student support structures, ensures that each individual student's needs are recognised and supported.  Our school culture is based on a strong ethos of mutual respect.  We are delighted by students' outstanding achievements in the arts, particularly the high quality musical and drama productions, and their excellence in both local and national sporting events.
Our use of resources are aimed at fulfilling the learning needs of our students and their environment.  We are working hard to improve our facilities and during the last 2 years have added new toilets, workshop, music suite, dining room extension, new classrooms, reception area, careers area, a new ICT suite in Technology and a start of the art Hospitality and Catering facility.
We are delighted and proud to have been designated a Specialist Sports College from September 2006.  This is going to impact considerably, not only on Physical Education, but on teaching and learning, resources and achievement across the curriculum.
The number of students wanting places at Lealands continues to grow and we are always oversubscribed in Year 7.
Please take the opportunity to contact us for a tour around the school and talk to students and staff.
We look forward to meeting you.
Yours sincerely,

Mr. C. Ginns
Acting Headteacher

Core Subjects

  • Art
  • Drama&Music
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • P.E.
  • Religious Studies
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Vocational Studies

School Uniform

Classic Black Blazer (pre-embroidered) (£26.45-£33.50)
(School Trends - only available from Lealands High School)

Black Tailored Trousers or  Black Skirt

Plain White Tailored ShirtLogo School Tie (£4.80)
(School Trends - only available from Lealands High School)

Sensible Plain Black Shoes

  • Trousers should be of standard school type and should not reflect fashion trends or materials.
  • Skirts should be no more than 10cm/4ins above or below the knee (no slits) and again should be of a standard school type and material.
  • Footwear should be shoes not trainers and be plain black (no coloured flashes/stripes).  They should not be high heeled or fashion shoes that are unsuitable for school wear.
  • If you have pierced ears, you may wear one pair of studs (one of the pair in each ear).  Nose studs or other facial piercings (i.e. tongues, eyebrows, etc.) are not allowed.  No other jewellery or make up should be worn.
  • Hairstyles should not reflect any extremes of fashion in either style or colour.

If you arrive at school in non-uniform clothing, you may expect to be sent home to get changed or, if this is not possible, you will work on your own away from the normal teaching groups.


Sports College PE Kit

(School Trends- only available from Lealands High School -
cost dependent on size)

  • Compulsory

Sports College Polo Shirt (£9.45-£10.75)
Sports College Track Pant (£15.95-£18.15) OR
Sports College Shorts (£5.00-£6.70)

Plain Navy Football Socks (£2.50-£3.00)

  • Optional

Sports College Track Top (£20.00-£23.20)
Sports College Jumper (£11.95-£15.50)
Sports College Rain Jacket (£15.95-£18.50)
Sports College Reversible Coat (£18.95-£23.95)

You will also need appropriate footwear for both indoor and outdoor lessons

Only items purchased through School Trends and displaying the Sports College Logo will be acceptable for PE lessons.  Therefore, one of the optional items will need to be purchased for outdoor lessons, though this is down to student/parental choice.


School's Responsibility


To encourage each student, to value education, give the confidence to succeed and celebrate achievements in all areas, academic, creative, physical, social and spiritual. To provide work of a suitable standard for each student so she/he can engage with the work and be challenged by it. To identify and provide for the special needs of all students whether for special talents, language help or subject specialist needs, wherever possible. To set homework regularly, and let Parents know what it is.


To ensure that all students are able to work in an orderly atmosphere characterised by respect and courtesy for all and by all members of the school community. To have a school code of behaviour, including an anti-bullying policy, of which staff, students and parents are aware.


To record every absence, and check with parents if no letter is received. To contact parents or the Education Welfare Service if there is a concern regarding attendance. To record arrival times and inform parents of concerns regarding lateness.

Home/School Links

To give detailed information to Parents about their child's progress; about their conduct and about the things they do well in addition to the things of which we disapprove; to provide a written report and consultation evening at least once a year and to make contact as appropriate.

Equal Opportunities

To provide opportunity for students to develop their talents and abilities through extra curricular activities. To recognise that each student is an individual, listen to what the student and Parents have to say. To support in times of difficulty and to celebrate talents and achievements.


To make clear who deals with concerns or complaints and to provide the opportunity to discuss them. To provide parents with clear guidelines regarding expectations.


Parent's Responsibilities



To set aside some time every day to talk and listen to my child and encourage her/him in all aspects of learning and give praise for making an effort. To encourage my child to complete all work set and give all the support I can, making sure she/he gets a good night's sleep every night. To ensure school staff are aware of any special needs my child may have, and of any temporary difficulties that may affect learning. To ensure my child completes his/her homework on time and provide, to the best of my ability, suitable conditions to do this.


To insist my child treats all members of the school community with respect and courtesy and follows the school's code of behaviour. To ensure my child comes to school in correct school uniform and with all the necessary equipment.


To ensure my child attends school every day, informing the school on the first day of any absence, then confirming in writing. To avoid taking family holidays during school time. To ensure my child arrives at school on time.

Home/School Links

To check my child's organiser each evening, and sign it every week. To receive written and verbal comments about my child's progress and conduct. To talk to staff about any concerns I have and to attend parents' meetings. To acknowledge and respond to all communication from the school. To support the school in as many functions, activities and events as I can.

Equal Opportunities

To encourage my child to take advantage of all the opportunities provided by the school. To do all I can to help the school to understand my child in the context of the school community.


To discuss with school staff any concerns or complaints I may have, expect them to listen and act if necessary.


Student's Responsibilities


To learn to have confidence in myself and value my education. To work hard at any work that is set for me, and complete it to the best of my ability. To do all my homework as well as I can, and hand it in on time. To be fully equipped for all my lessons each day. To be on time for all my lessons and settle down to work immediately.


To be polite and kind to everyone in school, and to work co-operatively so other children can get on with their own work purposefully in peace, and to follow the school code of behaviour. To come to school every day unless I'm ill or have a very special reason to be away. To come to school in correct uniform. To get to school on time, go straight in when the bell goes and settle down to work.


To come to school every day unless I am ill or have a very special reason. To arrive at school on time every day.

Home/School Links

To ensure that my parents receive all communication from the school. To show my parents my work and tell them how I've been behaving at school. To show my parents my student organiser each evening.

Equal Opportunities

To use every opportunity to develop my talents and abilities in class, and in extra curricular activities. To talk to teachers when it's the right time, and tell them how I'm getting on.


To tell a member of the school staff if I have any problems, be listened to considerately and have them dealt with sensitively.

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