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Luckwell Primary School
Luckwell Road, Bedminster, BS3 3ET, UK Bristol
+44 (0)117 966 4758

Welcome to Luckwell Primary School's www siteThis is Luckwell Primary School's index page & explains how to find something on our site. Please revisit - the site will constantly change in content as we update & develop our school curriculum & information for parents.

The site is to help children & parents access useful information & research from home.
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School Improvement Plan from 2006 to 2008

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

Useful when you were producing Victorian copy clerks, but not when over half the jobs our children will do in their working life are yet to be thought of, & on average, everyone changes career 7 times!

Our School Improvement Plan will enable us to achieve our school aims by concentrating on improving learning opportunities for, and the achievements of, all Luckwell pupils despite the many distractions!

We are currently developing our 3 year plan for 2006 to 2008. This process involves everyone, and is an ongoing reflection on what we do well, and so wish to continue, and what we have found not so useful, and want to do differently.

We are still concentrating on improving learning through developing study skills and trying to build learning power. We are developing more sustained learning using methods other similar schools have found successful, especially learning how to learn. An example is 'Critical skills' training children to develop 'quality criteria' for their learning.

The SIP is being developed from our review of the effectiveness of pupil learning, and will be similar to the current SIP below.


    Goal A

    To increase the effectiveness of pupils' learning by focusing on learning how to learn, providing children with the skills & learning environment to learn for an uncertain future.

    Goal B

    To achieve and maintain high self esteem for all. Success for both goals recognised by children achieving their targets, with strategies in place to help this, & end of year PIPS shows value added for all children.

The easiest link is to look at our 'Talk Weeks' and other activities on 'What's new in Learning'

The following strategies will be used to meet both goals

    1. To develop a feedback policy to ensure we assess what we value
    2. To improve the quality of learning and teaching we will focus on learning about learning.
    3. To develop an appropriate approach to school self evaluation which involves everyone in target setting and evaluation.
    4. Governors appropriately involved in evaluating the effectiveness of SIP:
    5. Management team to complete the new Bristol self evaluation workbook with our Schools' Improvement Officer (SIO).


Click here to see our previous SIP.

We are trying to make our school history available online.

This is VERY much work in progress.
Thanks to Miss Withers we have fairly full records, plus many interesting stories!
We also have many oral & written interviews and photos from our Centenary which we are trying to 'digitise'. For more about Miss Withers
click here go_blue_30.jpg - 2kb.

We have an enormous amount of information still to 'digitise' - but then it will be accessible forever.
We appreciate feedback & information!

To see the school in 1900 Click here go_blue_30.jpg - 2kb

The Malago Society have given us permission to 'digitise' all the information they hold about Luckwell's history. This will be available as soon as we can find the time! e.g. there are a number of accounts from Miss Withers. There is nothing about us on their website here, but you may be interested in exploring local history. The Malago Society website. (NB Be careful of the 'pop-ups' from their links).

image002.jpg - 74kb - 6kb

Rebuilding Luckwell for the 21st Century

2004 - a huge achievement for everyone at Luckwell, from Student Council to governors. for the photos & more details - it's fascinating!

old.hall.netball01.jpg - 68kb

72 Top playg'd Dome.jpg - 29kb
History of developing the school grounds

Luckwell's football history

Here is a start - several separate photo albums. We aim to eventually have written information & stories to go with the photos. There are obviously a huge number of other photos, but we need an archiver.

school history 1900 to 1949

school history 1950 to 1999

school history 2000 onwards


Luckwell SPORT links

Luckwell sports person of the term

An award introduced in 2005 to encourage everyone to try their hardest in sport. Click here for more.

Football Foundation

In 2006 the Football Foundation have helped us. Bristol City F.C. are coaching all children over an 18 month period. We also have a new kit (see below)! Click here for more, & photos.

In 2005 we achieved the 'Charter standard' with the F.A. More here later.


In 2004-5 a new focus was introduced to football & netball clubs. During sessions we work on 'non-sport specific' skills such as speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, spatial awareness, hand/eye co-ordination and team skills. This principle is called Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) and has been used by many leading sports teams including: Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Manchester United, England RFU and the All Blacks as well as Team GB at the Olympics. More here!

2006foot_strip.jpg - 68kb

Main pages

  • Football and links to results
  • Netball and links to results
  • london2012.gif - 5kb

    Luckwell sporting tradition

    We enjoy sport, & Luckwell have a great tradition of regularly winning trophies!
  • Can anyone help with our cricket history? photos/sport/72 Cricket Team (Mike Br)

    CLICK HERE TO SEE THE Bristol Shogun's site featuring our team winning the tournament!

  • Sports Days


    TALKMxdAgeTaskHealthyLunchboxes1 wCelsoPaco32end_happy_kids

    It is not surprising that many schools aims appear to be very similar. The real measure is how much the school children actually reflect those aims! This is something Ofsted have always complimented us very positively on. In Dec 2000 we were regarded as being amongst the very best schools in the country for 'aims into practise'.
    The introduction of our 'Talk weeks' is the latest way we are trying to ensure all children have high self-esteem (essential to counter bullying, and for when they are feeling 'down').
    As parent you are vital to helping your child feel good about themselves. Check our 'Home School Agreement' for things you can do.

    LUCKWELL PRIMARY SCHOOL - our aims (detailed)

    These could be summarised as "To develop the attitudes and skills needed to create the best possible future academic and social environments."

    TALKMxdAgeTaskHealthyLunchboxes1 wCelsoPaco32end_happy_kids


      Encouraged to do our best in all areas of school life.
      Expected to work as hard as we can.
      Helped to achieve our goals.
      Encouraged by the teachers to take responsibility for our learning.
      Encouraged to see that our learning involves us as the learner, our parents, our teachers and the community.
      Helped to think globally, and respect the planet and the people who live on it.
      Encouraged to form relationships based on trust, respect and tolerance.
      Equipped with the life skills we need for adult life.
      Encouraged to have critical, enquiring minds.
      Encouraged to be aware of the needs of others.
      Encouraged to value people as individuals of equal worth.
      Encouraged to look on education as a life long journey of self development.
      Enjoy ourselves, feel safe and have fun!


    Every Child Matters

    (Click the underlined link with the 'go button' gobuttonto go to that page).

    Every Child Matters: Change for Children is a new approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to age 19.
    Children and young people told the Government that they wanted support to:
      be healthy
      stay safe
      enjoy and achieve
      make a positive contribution
      achieve economic well-being.
    At Luckwell these have always been important, and reflected in our aims.
    More information here - gobutton

    (Click the underlined link with the 'go button' gobuttonto go to that page).

    This area of the website is being developed to help parents understand more about:

    It is NOT intended to replace 'face to face' talk, so PLEASE remember that if you have a question or problem ask us first.

    Information pages

  • Swimming info
  • Reminders for winter
  • Newsletter (word doc)
  • Download dates as a word file
  • Look at some photo albums of recent events

    School Meals prices, & how to pay

    School meals cost £ 1.75.
    The kitchen is run by Bristol Contract Services not the school. Payment (& questions about it) should be raised with the kitchen.
    Cheques should be made out to Bristol City Council.

  • Berlinrs school dinner.JPG - 73kb

    Changes in 2006

    Brief summary for the meal price increase.
    1. The meal prices are subject to annual inflation as per the contract.
    2. The Government has introduced new Food Based Standards. More healthy ingredients will be included and menus have been enhanced to meet this requirement.
    3. The Government also has introduced new standards to limit the amount of chocolate, crisps and other "non health" snack foods available.
    Click here gobutton for much more information


  • The kitchen

    Tracy Nimmo, our kitchen manager, is committed to using our brand new 'state of the art' kitchen (opened November 2004) to make HEALTHY meals which the children will enjoy, and which you as parent can be sure are nutritious & filling. Sandwiches can be provided if wanted.
    We would like to have more control over the meal service, especially the menu, to ensure local produce is used, and that we can adapt the menu to suit our children. At present (2006) there are still some 'teething troubles' associated with the menu. These are being discussed with Bristol Contract Services, who organise all school meals for us.

    The menu

    changes weekly. Copies of the menu will be sent home, so that you can choose the meals for the coming week. You will also be told the current week in our Parents' Newsletter ~ details are also on the Parents' Noticeboard. Bristol have a 3 week menu, which we would like to vary. We are involved in discussions trying to adapt the menu to suit our children.

    We try to make lunchtime an enjoyable pleasant experience for everyone. Tables are laid with flowers, and meals are eaten in our bright and spacious Sports Hall. (see photo). When the weather is sunny children are allowed to eat their packed lunches outdoors. Our school cook has offered to prepare a school packed lunches. They will cost the same as a hot school meal (i.e. £1.55) and will consist of a sandwich/roll (with a filling of your choice from meat, cheese, egg, tuna, with/without salad), a flapjack/sponge cake, fruit and a drink. We are a 'Healthy School' and are determined to make the meals as healthy as possible. If you have any issues you want to discuss, PLEASE contact the kitchen or office. We signed up to Jamie Oliver's essential campaign. Watch this space!


    Click here gobuttonfor advice about making a healthy packed lunch


    Luckwell School Classes (Year) pages

    Click on the class to go to the page for Topic information & links.

  • Year R

  • Year 1

  • Year 2

  • Year 3

  • Year 4

  • Year 5

  • Year 6

  • Anti Bullying help





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