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Redlands Primary School
Lydford Road, RG1 5QH, UK Reading
+44 (0)118 901 5527

Welcome to Redlands

Welcome to our web site. It's designed for you - whether you are looking for a school, already have a child here, or are interested because Redlands is part of your local community. Just start by clicking the button above that best describes you. We've even included sections for pupils and staff!

Katherine Forster
Head Teacher


Prospective Parents: Aims of the School

We aim to

  • Provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children are encouraged to develop an enthusiasm for learning.

  • Help children to acquire and understand essential information on whic to base the development of their skills, values and attitudes towards life.

  • Educate children against all forms of prejudice and discrimination, and help them to recognise and value every member of our school community.

  • Work in partnership with children and their families

  • Offer an enriched curriculum.

  • Challenge children to develop their potential in all areas.

  • Play our part in the life of the local community.

We encourage children to

  • Recognise their own personal worth.
    Value every member of the school community

  • Understand and care for the world in which we live.

  • Respect and understand other peoples feelings, property, opinions, religion, abilities and disabilities.

  • Appreciate the diversity of achievements and aspirations of all people.

  • Achieve high standards in work and behaviour

As staff we aim to

  • Support each other as we learn

  • Share expertise to develop personal and professional skills.

Prospective Parents: Admissions - Information

Please find below information relating to admissions at Redlands:

Redlands Children

This area is is dedicated to Redlands children and things that interest them.

Please have a look:

Current Parents

This section is dedicated to providing current parents of Redlands children with useful information about



Contact the school:

Staff photos:

Ever wondered what a particular teacher looks like, or what her name is? Then take a look at our staff photos. To safeguard our staff, you will be asked for the Parent Password. We can tell you why we need a password and how to get the password.

Prospective Parents

Redlands is a Local Education Authority Primary School taking girls and boys aged from five to eleven. There is also a twenty-place nursery, children are eligible for admission there after their third birthday.

The school is housed in a beautiful Victorian building in the heart of Reading, close to the University and the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

The two storey building has been used as a school since 1891, and much of the Victorian character has been retained.

The Infant department is on the ground floor: three classrooms surround the Infant hall, which has been furnished to provide an area for quiet reading and work. Also on the ground floor is the main hall, which provides a meeting place for the whole school and is used for PE.

The nursery class is on the ground floor: it has its own playground and 'front door', but is firmly linked to the rest of the school by an indoor gate.

The first floor has five classrooms used by the juniors and a well equipped library for the whole school.

Each class has a computer. The whole school has access to a further 15 desktops.

The school has a kiln. There is an on-site kitchen for making school lunches. Although the playground is small, and covered with tarmac, it contains trees and planted areas and is painted with playground games. Recently, our year 6 pupils worked with students from the University to produce two splendid playground murals.

In the Community

The school welcomes the support it receives from the local community. Local people are welcome at many events throughout the year, such as Jumbles Sales and Fairs.

Please take a look at some photographs taken at past community events in our Photo Galleries.

To find out more about upcoming events please contact the school.

Redlands Nursery: Introduction

Welcome to Redlands Nursery

This site is designed as an introduction to nursery education and also to give information for new parents and children.


Redlands Nursery is a twenty place nursery class which takes full part in the life of Redlands Primary School. All the children attend part-time, either every morning or every afternoon. Having two classes means that 40 local children are served by the nursery at any one time. There is a long waiting list and we urge you to enter your child's name as soon as you can after their 2nd birthday. We try to admit children before they enter the reception class, so that they have a year of nursery education prior to school admission.

Redlands Nursery: Admissions

When considering admissions to the Nursery, children are normally taken from the waiting list in age order. If the school is over subscribed, the governors use the following criteria in order to make decisions about admission.

  1. Children whose home address is in the area served by the school (see Catchment Area below).

  2. Children who have brothers or sisters attending the school.

  3. Children who have strong medical or social grounds for admission.

  4. Children who have strong family connections with the school.

  5. Children whose parents have any other reason for their choice.

If you are refused admission for your child you may appeal for a place to Reading Borough Council.

Redlands Nursery: Nursery Ethos

At Redlands Nursery our aim is to provide the children with an environment in which they can develop intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. We recognise the fact that each child is an unique individual and we value the diversity of background, abilities and interests which they bring. We are working towards the early learning goals recommended by Department for Education & Employment as a foundation for later learning. This is known as the foundation stage.


Learning and development is essentially through structured play and 'hands on' experience. We feel, for example, that actually doing an activity in their own way is more important than obtaining a perfect result each time. The children teach us many different ways to make and do things! We provide a wide variety of inviting and stimulating activities, based around a termly project, which we plan in conjunction with the whole school.

We consider every aspect of learning in our planning and introduce children to the whole curriculum. Our approach is flexible and we allow children to direct their own learning to some extent and, wherever possible, to follow their own initiatives. Formal systematic learning, e.g. of writing or reading, is begun through play and continued by the infant department, but much of our work in nursery is essential preparatory work i.e. pre reading and writing skills. We respond to individual needs of those children ready to progress. Great emphasis is placed on creative self expression as a means of finding out about themselves and on the acquisition of language, so that the children are able to understand, communicate and think - such vital skills for learning. We recognise that children can only learn if they feel valued and safe. We give as much encouragement and praise as we can and try to help and understand each individual according to their needs. Redlands Nursery has a detailed early years curriculum document available.

Redlands Nursery: Educational Needs

Mrs Forster
Mrs. Forster - Headteacher

At Redlands Nursery we are working within the Department for Education and Employment's code of practice on identification and assessment of special educational needs. Mrs Forster, the Headteacher, is the special needs co-ordinator for the whole school, including the nursery.

We aim to make our provision accessible to any child, drawing on the full range of expertise available to the education service, as appropriate. This may include referral to educational psychologists, school health service, speech therapy etc. and is only carried out after full consultation with parents about what is best for their child.

Redlands Nursery: Nursery Staff

Sally Garforth - Head of Nursery
Mrs Sally Garforth
- Head of Nursery

There is a minimum of 2 trained members of staff with class of 20 children, making a ratio of 1.10. The nursery school is staffed by a qualified teacher and an experienced nursery nurse, with assistance occasionally from student teachers and student nursery nurses.

Current parents with the password can see more pictures of the staff here.

Sometimes a non-teaching assistant will work with an individual child.

We are able, in addition, to offer mother-tongue teacher support to children whose home language is Urdu, Panjabi or Japanese.

Redlands Nursery: Nursery Hours

The morning session is from 9.00am - 11.30am

The afternoon session is from 12.30pm - 3.00pm

This allows parents with older children to take them first to the main school at 8.50am.

Nursery children should be collected first at the end of the afternoon, as the infants do not finish until 3.05pm.

Nursery opens later than the main school at the beginning of each term to allow nursery staff to carry out home visits. Otherwise, nursery terms follow dates for Redlands Primary School.

Redlands Nursery: Home & Nursery


At Redlands Nursery we feel it is very important that the children learn to think about each other and to work and play co-operatively.

Outside Nursery

We have three basic rules in the nursery which help us in this, and we ask that parents will help reinforce this.

  • We care about each other and so we try not to do anything which would hurt someone else. This includes anything physically hurtful and also unkind words or actions. Staff intervene immediately if there is any conflict (often before!) and talk it through with the children involved.

  • Inside nursery we talk quietly (i.e. we don't shout!) We have a small nursery and children can learn better in a calm, peaceful environment. We save our 'big voices' for the playground.

  • Similarly, inside nursery we walk (i.e. we don't run) This is for everyone's' safety. We run outside, or in the hall for P.E.

These simple basic rules help children to start to think about how their behaviour affects others and also prepares the way for appropriate behaviour in school. Obviously, it takes some of us longer to be able to cope with these rules than others! All three rules are identical to those in the main school.

Health and Safety

The nursery follows the Health and Safety policy adopted by the school. Nursery has a separate entrance to school. It is on Blenheim Gardens, through our nursery playground.

Please bring the children right into nursery and help them to settle at the beginning of the session. At the end of the session, parents again come right into the nursery. Children will sit in the story corner, with the teacher until the teacher sees the adult and gives permission for the child to go. If you are unable to collect the child yourself, or you make some other arrangement, please make sure that you tell one of the staff about it. Please make sure also that you always close the door and both gates carefully as you come in and as you leave. The safety of the children is a primary concern for all of us. The outer door is locked as soon as all the children have arrived.

If a child is not well, we ask that you keep them at home. Infections spread quickly among small children, so it is particularly important that they are fully recovered before they return to school. Please mention to the staff if your child contracts any infectious illness, e.g. chickenpox, so that we may tell other parents.If your child is unwell or hurt at school, rest assured that we will contact you immediately if necessary. Please keep addresses, telephone numbers and emergency contact names up to date. If your child is unwell and unable to attend school, please telephone the school secretary so that she can let nursery staff know. (Redlands School Tel.No. 0118 9015527)


Links Between Home and Nursery

It is vital for young children particularly, that strong links are made between school and home. At Redlands we initiate this by visiting all the children at home so that we are already friends before they come to nursery. Children then feel safe with staff, as they feel that we are trusted by their family and know about their home, family, pets etc. It gives us an opportunity to find out as much as we can about the individual child - their interests, abilities and any concerns, before they come. It also gives parents and children the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns about nursery. Once a child starts at nursery a parent is welcome to stay until the child (and parent!) feel comfortable to be left. This may take anything from 2 minutes to half a term - we don't mind! The feelings of the child are the guideline, as for many it will be the first experience of being with adults other than family members.

Story Corner

Parents often come into school to work alongside the staff and we are always grateful for volunteers to come and work with a small group of children on something special - e.g. cooking. We feel it is important for the children to gain confidence in talking to the whole class about themselves, so every Wednesday at circle time, (group time), we have what we call 'show or tell time'. Children either bring some treasure (e.g. small object or souvenir) to show to their friends at nursery, or they tell us all something they have been doing. It can be anything which is important to the child, but it is an extra bonus when they 'show or tell' something connected to the theme for our work (e.g. new wellies when we are thinking about rainy weather, or a feather found in the garden when we are studying birds or flight).

Each term we have parents evenings when you can come and meet the staff and discuss the children's progress. However, we operate an open door policy and hope that you will feel free to talk to us at anytime about any concern - great or small. Staff keep detailed records of children's progress which will be discussed with you at these meetings, but you are welcome to come and talk with staff at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

As parents of nursery children, you are automatically members of Redlands PTA and we encourage you to participate fully in a wide variety of activities and functions. You will soon make friends here! Please keep an eye on the parents' notice board above the coat pegs. Letters will also be sent home to keep you informed.

Redlands Nursery: Facilities & Equipment

Library Facilities

We have a well-stocked nursery library which you are free to use with your child. You may borrow only one book at a time, but you may change it as often as you like - many children choose a new story each day. We have given responsibility for the library to parents in that we ask you to make a note of the title of the book borrowed and the date, in a file kept on the entrance table. When you return the book, simply cross off the book and write in the next title. There are no tickets to bother with. You can change books at the beginning or the end of any nursery session. We will give each child a plastic folder to keep the books clean and dry on the way home. Please let us know if any of the books are lost or damaged.

Mexico display


The children do not need specific equipment or clothing at nursery . We provide aprons, but also advise that play clothes are worn rather than best clothes, as occasional splashes of paint or glue are inevitable. Physical Education in the hall is done in ordinary clothes and bare feet on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.

Coat Pegs & Trays

Each child has a coat peg and a tray with a picture symbol. These trays are a safe place to keep anything from home and also a place where paintings or letters can be filed. Please check the tray after every session and take things home as the same tray will be used by another child in the other nursery class. Children are encouraged to keep some work at school in a large folder so that a record of their progress accumulates. This folder and workbooks will be presented to them when they finally leave the nursery.

Milk, Fruit and Veg Snacktime.

Staff provide and prepare a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables for the children to share mid-session. A small charge of 50p per week is requested every Monday morning. We make an exception in the case of celebrations, such as festivals or birthdays. You are welcome to send something for the children to share to celebrate your child's birthday if you wish. Milk is provided every session, with water for those who prefer it, or who cannot drink milk. Please do not send fruit juice or other drinks to nursery.

Redlands Nursery: Transition to School

A place in Nursery does not guarantee a place in Main School. However, space permitting, children will move through to the main school from nursery the term before their 5th birthday into a reception class. When numbers in school are restricted, Governors will apply the admissions criteria as stated in the School Brochure. Applications for the school are made centrally through Reading Borough Council.

During the children's final term in Nursery, we aim to give them a slightly higher proportion of teacher directed tasks to prepare them for infant work. If the children are joining Redlands school, they will have visits to their new class in the last few weeks, and the transition is a very smooth and natural progression. The link between nursery and school is very close and children often come back to show us work and have a hug!

A wealth of information, including our racial equality and equal opportunities policy, behaviour policy and a recent OFSTED reports, are available for you to look at in the school library.

Finally, please do not hesitate to contact the nursery staff if you have any other queries or comments. We hope you will find the school friendly and welcoming and that the children and their families enjoy their time at Redlands.

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