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St Margaret Clitherow R C Primary School
Pembroke, Hanworth, RG12 7RD, UK Bracknell
+44 (0)1344 424030

Welcome to the St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School web site.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through our site pages.

Please contact us at:

St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary School
Bracknell Berks
RG12 7RD

Telephone: 01344 424030
Fax: 01344 304041

To find out about what is happening during the term, click on the yellow Diary Button on the left hand side of the screen.

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In March 2006 the school held a very successful Art Week. One result of this week is the eight decorated boards that were added to the car park fence.

Year 1 painted their Spring ideas on this board.

The bicycle racks were improved in the spring of 2004.

Why not leave the car at home and cycle to school?

The PTA raised funds and obtained a grant to provide our Reception class with a new outdoor play area.
It has been a huge success with our youngest pupils.

Events we have celebrated and the story of St Margaret Clitherow
Our school has been open since 1976.

Silver Jubilee celebrations in 2000 were a highlight of that school year. The Bishop joined us for the celebration Mass and toured the school afterwards to meet our special visitors, parents, pupils and staff. It was a good opportunity for everyone to see the newly built Reception class and the new classrooms.

In 2001 new double glazed windows were installed throughout the school.

Hot on the heels of this improvement, the new admin block was begun. We were able to use our new staffroom for the first time on March 19th 2002.

We had a successful Open Morning on 22nd May 2002, when we celebrated the completion of the latest building work. After a special service of thanksgiving, the Mayor visited our school to help us with the celebrations.

If you have any photographs or information you would like to see on this web site, please contact Carol Nicholls at
In March 2004, St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School was awarded the Activemark Gold Award by Sport England for its commitment to promoting the benefits of physical activity.

We also received the Silver Artsmark Award after a lot of hard work from all staff and pupils.

Ofsted visited the school in May 2004. Visit the OFSTED website to view their report.

The Section 23 was held in November 2004, when the Religious Education of our school was inspected. The summary of the findings follows.

This report to the Bishop of the Diocese under Canon 806 of the Code of Canon Law is also the report to the governors of the school on religious education under Section 23 of the 1996 School Inspections Act.


RG12 4RD


HEADTEACHER Mrs Fran Valentine

NAMES OF VALIDATORS Mrs Mary Gange Mrs Patty Prescott

DATES OF THE VALIDATION VISIT 1st November 2004 10th November 2004

Information about the school
Number of pupils on roll 203

Number of boys

Number of girls

Number of statemented pupils 3

Percentage of Catholic pupils

Number of teaching staff 9

Percentage of Catholic staff 50%

St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School is an attractive, well-kept building in very pleasant grounds, which are well-used. It opened in 1976 and has recently benefited from refurbishment, extension and reconstruction to enclose open-plan classrooms. It is situated in a residential area on the outskirts of Bracknell, a short distance from the church in the parish of St Margaret Clitherow.
There are 203 pupils on the school roll, which is slightly smaller than average for a group 2 school and of these 65.4% are Catholic, 25.8% are of other Christian denominations and 8.8% of other faiths or none.
The socio-economic make-up of the school population is mixed, with a low percentage of ethnic minority children and a small number of traveller children.
Many of the support staff in the school and 50% of the teaching staff are Catholic.
Year six pupils transfer to a number of secondary schools including the Catholic schools of All Hallows, Blessed Hugh Faringdon, the Salesian College and St Bernard's.

The school has worked hard to put into practice the diocesan initiative of self-review and evaluation. This has involved a good deal of commitment and work for all involved and especially for the headteacher as religious education co-ordinator. The validators would like to acknowledge their recognition of this.

In the first year the school validation group completed the evaluation of the school as a Catholic community and in the second year the review was of the teaching and attainment of the religious education curriculum and of its leadership. The third year will deal with the section of the report covering spiritual and moral education, which has not yet been considered for the self evaluation process by the school. Therefore, the validators' judgements for this section are based on evidence gathered under the previous section 23 inspection format.

The school's effectiveness in providing Catholic education

St Margaret Clitherow Primary is a good school which provides a good, distinctively Catholic education in a setting where, according with the school's stated mission, everyone is valued and good relationships prevail. There is a strong, Catholic leadership team and a high level of commitment by staff and governors.

The provision for religious education is good and that for the spiritual and moral development of the pupils is very good.

a) Strengths of the school

* The validators observed that the recently rewritten mission statement reflects a community built on Christian values; it is a true and living statement of the shared vision of all those in the school community.
* The headteacher and deputy provide strong direction and leadership towards a shared vision of the Catholic nature of the school. The governing body is committed and well-organised; it is encouraging and supportive of the school, the staff and the children.
* The validators confirm that the school community has a well-developed and strong tradition of worship. Participation by the staff and children is purposeful and joyful. Children have a strong sense of liturgical understanding and of prayer, both formal and informal.
* The validators agree that the subject co-ordinator provides very good leadership for religious education (RE) in the school and she is supported by the deputy headteacher. There is a clear vision centred on the mission statement, which is shared by staff and governors. The good quality leadership has a positive impact on the standard of religious education in the school.
* The standards in Year 2 and Year 6 are in line with national expectations for religious education.
* The quality of teaching in RE is good overall. There are effective links between Here I Am and the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum. Teachers made very good use of information & communication technology (ICT) teaching aids in all classes seen.
* Pupils' individual needs are well addressed by the effective use made of teaching assistants.
* Teachers' subject knowledge is good and there is a good range of teacher resources available for RE teaching and liturgical planning.
* Feedback from the RE co-ordinator's lesson observations is effective in driving up standards and further clarifying her expectations for the teaching of RE in the school.
* Parents' responses are positive and appreciative. They believe their children are happy and well cared for.
* There is very good provision for spiritual and moral development in the school.
* The school has addressed well the key issues from their previous section 23 inspection in 1998.

b) Areas for development

* The governing body should develop their understanding of how to monitor and challenge standards of attainment in religious education.
* There is a need for more clarity in analysing, defining and recording the school's self-evaluation findings for the validation process, in order to present the school achievements and objectives more effectively and to link them to school improvement targets, which measure achievement.
* Since 34% of the pupils and a high number of the teaching staff are non-Catholic, the school must ensure that it continues to implement strategies to maintain its strong Catholic ethos.
* The headteacher and governors should put in place an up-to-date job description for the RE co-ordinator and should consider the transfer of the management rôle of RE co-ordinator from the headteacher to a teacher within the school.
* More challenge should be evident in the tasks set for more able children at the end of the key stages.
* Through the dissemination of good practice, the school should ensure the continued improvement in the quality of teaching and learning, in order to achieve the school's target of 80% of pupils achieving level 4 at the end of key stage 2 in religious education.
* The school should continue to implement the effective moderation cycle to increase teachers' understanding of the levels of attainment in RE.


As part of the validation process:

* Two validators spent a day in school, prior to the validation day, interviewing and gathering evidence;

* Interviews and discussions were held with the headteacher/religious education coordinator, the deputy headteacher, the chair of governors, the parish priest and a governor with responsibility for religious education;

* Two validators carried out the validation over a period of one day;

* Four complete religious education lessons and one PSHE lesson were observed;

* Two class collective worships were observed;

* Informal discussions were held with pupils;

* Informal conversations were held with staff;

* A representative sample of religious education and English books, covering all abilities, was examined;

* Religious education resources were considered;

* Prior to and during the validation, both validators analysed the documentation and files of evidence provided by the school;

* An analysis was made of the responses of parents to the questionnaires;

* A brief informal feedback was given to the headteacher at the end of the validation.


The validators would like to thank the headteacher, deputy headteacher, staff, governors, parish priest, parents and pupils of St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School for their very warm welcome, their open and honest discussions and their generous co-operation during the validation.

Staff at our school
Our headteacher is Mrs Fran Valentine who joined the school in September 1999.

Mrs Liz Benfell is our Assistant Headteacher.
The other members of the Senior Management Team are Mrs S Jeffery and Mrs M Ludlam.
The teaching staff are:
Reception Miss C Nicholson
Year 1 Miss B Devlin
Year 2 Mrs S Jeffery Mon-Thu
Mrs M Sharma Fri
Year 3 Mrs C Duerden
Year 4 Mrs L Benfell
Year 5 Mrs M Ludlam
Year 6 Mrs S Dawson Mon-Wed
Mrs C Bantleman Thu-Fri

Support Assistants:
Mrs M Anscomb
Mrs J Baines
Mrs V Bennett
Mrs N Bonewell
Mrs P Dummigan
Ms S Evans
Mrs C L'Estrange
Mrs S Mauger
Mrs J Nonis
Mrs K Reid
Mrs A Ridley
Mrs N Snowball

Non-Qualified Teachers:
Mrs J Nonis - Drama
Mrs T Poynter - ICT

Our regular supply teachers are:
Mrs C Bantleman
Mrs L Hall
The Admin Staff are:
Secretary: Mrs J Newman
Finance Officer: Mrs S Barnes
Finance Assistant: Mrs T Poynter
Site Manager: Mr Doug Jennings

Kitchen Staff: Mrs Mandy Shaw
Mrs G Lee
Mrs Mandy Peterson

Lunchtime Controllers:

Mrs S Byles
Mrs P Dummigan
Mrs N Bonewell
Mrs L Blair
Mrs J Goodney

Cleaners: Mrs Marion Tallentine and Mrs Margaret Reardon


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Year 1 shades of blue.
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Hall display showing the range of work completed during our Art Week.

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