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American InterContinental University - London
The Norton Knatchbull School - Ashford
Gossops Green Community Primary School - Gossops Green
Great Ballard School - Chichester
Georgian Gardens Community Primary School - Rustington
Fordwater School - Chichester
Fonthill Lodge School - East Grinstead
Fairway Infant School - Copthorne
Elm Grove Infant School - Littlehampton
Elm Grove First School - Worthing
Yew Tree Primary School - Yew Tree Estate
Yew Tree Community Primary School - Aston
Woodway Park School & Community College - Coventry
Woodthorpe Primary School - Kings Heath
Woodrush Community High School - Specialist Technology College - Birmingham
Woodlands Primary School - Willenhall
Woodfield Infant School - Penn
Wood Green High School College of Sport - Wood Green Road
Wolverhampton Grammar School - Wolverhampton
Wolverhampton Girls High School - Wolverhampton
Wollescote Primary School - Wollescote
Wodensfield Primary School - Wednesfield
Wodensborough Community Technology College - Wednesbury
Withymoor Primary School - Off Turners Lane Quarry Bank
Willenhall School Sports College - Willenhall
Whitehouse Common Primary School - Sutton Coldfield
Edward Bryant Primary School - Bognor Regis
Eastergate C E Primary School - Eastergate
West House School - Edgbaston
East Wittering Community Primary School - East Wittering
Welford Primary School - Handsworth
East Preston Junior School - East Preston
Wednesfield Village Primary School - Wednesfield
East Preston Infant School - East Preston
Wednesfield College (Specialist Engineering School) - Wednesfield
Durrington Middle School - Durrington
Ward End Primary School - Ward End
Walsgrave C E Primary School - Coventry
Durrington First School - Durrington

University of the West of England
Coldharbour Lane, BS16 1QY Bristol
(+44 or 0) 117 965 6261
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Undergraduate Courses

(BA, BSc, LLB)

Alphabetical listing of courses for entry in 2007/08

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Accounting and Economics - BA(Hons)
Accounting and Finance - BA(Hons)
Accounting and Internet Systems - BSc(Hons)
Accounting and Law - BA(Hons)
Accounting and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Accounting and Multimedia Computing - BA(Hons)
Accounting and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Adult Nursing - Diploma of Higher Education
Adult Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc
Adult Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc/DipHE
Aerospace Design Engineering - MEng
Aerospace Design Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering - MEng
Aerospace Systems Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Aerospace Systems Engineering - MEng
Agricultural Business Management - BA(Hons)
Agricultural Business Management - FdA
Agriculture and Conservation - BSc(Hons)
Agriculture and Conservation - FdSc
Agriculture and Land Management - BSc(Hons)
Agriculture and Land Management - FdSc
Amenity Horticultural Management - BA(Hons)
Amenity Horticultural Management - FdA
Animal Behaviour and Welfare - FdSc
Animal Behaviour and Welfare - BSc(Hons)
Animal Science - BSc(Hons)
Animal Science - FdSc
Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - BSc(Hons)
Applied Biological Sciences - BSc(Hons)
Applied Genetics - BSc(Hons)
Applied Microbiology - BSc(Hons)
Applied Physiology and Pharmacology - BSc(Hons)
Architectural Technology and Design - BSc(Hons)
Architecture - BArch/MA
Architecture and Environmental Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Architecture and Planning - BA(Hons)
Artificial Intelligence and Computing - BSc(Hons)
Artificial Intelligence and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Artificial Intelligence and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
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Biomedical Sciences - BSc(Hons)
Biotechnology* - BSc(Hons)
Bioveterinary Science - FdSc
Bioveterinary Science - BSc(Hons)
Building Services Engineering - BSc(Hons)
Building Surveying - BSc(Hons)
Built and Natural Environments - BSc(Hons)
Built and Natural Environments Foundation Year - Foundation
Business and Economics - BA(Hons)
Business and Business Decision Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Business and Computing - BSc(Hons)
Business and Drama - BA(Hons)
Business and Education - BA(Hons)
Business and English Language - BA(Hons)
Business and European Studies - BA(Hons)
Business and History - BA(Hons)
Business and International Relations - BA(Hons)
Business and Internet Systems - BSc(Hons)
Business and Law - BA(Hons)
Business and Management* - FdA
Business and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
Business and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Business and Politics - BA(Hons)
Business and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Business Decision Mathematics and Economics - BSc(Hons)
Business Decision Mathematics and Marketing - BSc(Hons)
Business Decision Mathematics and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Business Decision Mathematics and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
Business Decision Mathematics and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Business Enterprise - BA(Hons)
Business in Property - BSc(Hons)
Business Information Systems - BA(Hons)
Business Studies - BA(Hons)
Business Studies with Accounting and Finance - BA(Hons)
Business Studies with Human Resource Management - BA(Hons)
Business Studies with Marketing - BA(Hons)
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Cancer Care - BSc(Hons)
Care of the Older Person - BSc(Hons)
Child Health - BSc(Hons)
Children and Young Persons' Mental Health - BSc(Hons)
Children's Critical Care - BSc(Hons)
Children's Nursing - Diploma of Higher Education
Children's Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc
Children's Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc/Dip HE
Children's Nursing - Graduate Diploma/BSc(Hons)/Dip HE
Chinese Studies and Business - BA(Hons)
Chinese Studies and English as a Foreign Language - BA(Hons)
Chinese Studies and French - BA(Hons)
Chinese Studies and History - BA(Hons)
Chinese Studies and Marketing - BA(Hons)
Chinese Studies and Politics - BA(Hons)
Chinese Studies and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Civil Engineering - BSc(Hons)/HND
Coaching Science - BSc(Hons)
Coaching Science - FdSc
Commercial Law - LLB(Hons)
Community Practice - BSc(Hons)
Computer Science - BSc(Hons)
Computer Security - BSc(Hons)
Computer Systems Engineering - BSc(Hons)
Computing - BSc(Hons)
Computing Foundation Programme - Foundation
Computing and English - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Geography - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Information Systems - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Internet Systems - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Law - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Marketing - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Computing and Robotics - BSc(Hons)
Conservation Biology - BSc(Hons)
Construction and Property Management - BSc(Hons)
Construction Commercial Management - BSc(Hons)
Construction Management - BSc(Hons)
Construction Management (HND top-up) - BSc(Hons)/BSc
Contemporary Midwifery - BSc(Hons)
Countryside Management - FdSc
Creative Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Creative Practices - FdA
Creative Practices* - FdA
Criminology - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Drama - BA(Hons)
Criminology and English - BA(Hons)
Criminology and English as a Foreign Language - BA(Hons)
Criminology and European Studies - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Film Studies - BA(Hons)
Criminology and History - BA(Hons)
Criminology and International Relations - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Law - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Media and Cultural Studies - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Politics - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Psychology - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Criminology and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Critical Care - BSc(Hons)
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Dairy Herd Management - FdSc
Dairy Herd Management - BSc(Hons)
Development Management - FdA
Drama - BA(Hons)
Drama and Early Childhood Studies - BA(Hons)
Drama and Education - BA(Hons)
Drama and English - BA(Hons)
Drama and English Language - BA(Hons)
Drama and Film Studies - BA(Hons)
Drama and History - BA(Hons)
Drama and Marketing - BA(Hons)
Drama and Media and Cultural Studies - BA(Hons)
Drama and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Drama and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
Drama and Politics - BA(Hons)
Drama and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Drama and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Drawing and Applied Arts - BA(Hons)
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Early Childhood Studies - BA(Hons)
Early Childhood Studies and English Language - BA(Hons)
Early Childhood Studies and Law - BA(Hons)
Early Childhood Studies and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
Early Childhood Studies and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Early Years* - FdA
Economics - BA(Hons)
Economics (Money, Banking and Finance) - BA(Hons)
Economics and English Language - BA(Hons)
Economics and French - BA(Hons)
Economics and Geography - BA(Hons)
Economics and International Relations - BA(Hons)
Economics and Marketing - BA(Hons)
Economics and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Economics and Politics - BA(Hons)
Economics and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Economics and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Economics and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Education and Early Childhood Studies - BA(Hons)
Education and English - BA(Hons)
Education and Management - BA(Hons)
Education and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Education and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Education in Professional Practice - BA(Hons)
Education Studies - BA(Hons)
Education Studies + PGCE (3+1) - BA(Hons)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - MEng
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Electronic Engineering - MEng
Electronic Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Emergency Care - BSc(Hons)
English - BA(Hons)
English and English Language - BA(Hons)
English and European Studies - BA(Hons)
English and French - BA(Hons)
English and History - BA(Hons)
English and Law - BA(Hons)
English and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
English and Management - BA(Hons)
English and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
English and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
English and Politics - BA(Hons)
English and Sociology - BA(Hons)
English as a Foreign Language and European Studies - BA(Hons)
English as a Foreign Language and Film Studies - BA(Hons)
English as a Foreign Language and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
English as a Foreign Language and Spanish - BA(Hons)
English Language and European Studies - BA(Hons)
English Language and Geography - BA(Hons)
English Language and Law - BA(Hons)
English Language and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
English Language and Marketing - BA(Hons)
English Language and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
English Language and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
English Language and Spanish - BA(Hons)
English Language and Tourism - BSc(Hons)
Environmental Biology - BSc(Hons)
Environmental Health - BSc(Hons)
Environmental Science - BSc(Hons)
Equine Business Management - FdA
Equine Business Management - BA(Hons)
Equine Dental Science - BSc(Hons)
Equine Science - BSc(Hons)
Equine Science - FdSc
Equine Sports Science - BSc(Hons)
Equine Sports Science - FdSc
European and International Law - LLB(Hons)
European Studies and French - BA(Hons)
European Studies and History - BA(Hons)
European Studies and International Relations - BA(Hons)
European Studies and Marketing - BA(Hons)
European Studies and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
European Studies and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
European Studies and Sociology - BA(Hons)
European Studies and Spanish - BA(Hons)
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Film Studies - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and English - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and History - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and Media and Cultural Studies - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and Politics - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Film Studies and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Forensic Biology - BSc(Hons)
Forensic Chemistry - BSc(Hons)
Forensic Computing - BSc(Hons)
Forensic Science - BSc(Hons)
French and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
French and Marketing - BA(Hons)
French and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
French and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
French and Spanish - BA(Hons)
French and Tourism - BA(Hons)
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Geography - BA(Hons)
Geography and Environmental Management - BSc(Hons)
Geography and History - BA(Hons)
Geography and International Relations - BA(Hons)
Geography and Planning - BA(Hons)
Geography and Politics - BA(Hons)
Geography and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Geography and Tourism - BSc(Hons)
Geography and Transport - BA(Hons)
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Health and Social Care Practice - FdSc
Health and Wellbeing - FdSc
Health Education (Health Promotion) by Open Learning - Certificate
Health Professions - Foundation
Health, Safety and the Environment - BSc(Hons)
Higher Level Teaching Assistants - FdA
History - BA(Hons)
History and International Relations - BA(Hons)
History and Law - BA(Hons)
History and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
History and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
History and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
History and Politics - BA(Hons)
History and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
History and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Housing - Certificate/HNC/Foundation Degree/BA(Hons)
Housing Development and Management - BA(Hons)
Human Biology - BSc(Hons)
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Information Technology - BSc(Hons)
Information Technology Management for Business - BSc(Hons)
International Business and Modern Languages - BA(Hons)
International Business Economics - BA(Hons)
International Business Studies - BA(Hons)
International History with International Politics - BA(Hons)
International Relations - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Law - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Linguistics - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Management - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Marketing - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Politics - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Psychology - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Sociology - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Spanish - BA(Hons)
International Relations and Tourism - BA(Hons)
Internet Applications - BSc(Hons)
Internet Computing - BSc(Hons)
Internet Technology and Management - BA(Hons)
Internet Technology and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Internet Technology and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
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Law - LLB(Hons)
Law - BA(Hons)
Law and Marketing - BA(Hons)
Law and Politics - BA(Hons)
Law and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Law and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Law with English as a Foreign Language - LLB(Hons)
Law with French - LLB(Hons)
Law with Spanish - LLB(Hons)
Learning Disabilities Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc/Dip HE
Learning Disability Studies - BSc(Hons)
Linguistics and Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Linguistics and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Linguistics and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Linguistics and Spanish - BA(Hons)
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Management - BSc(Hons)
Management and Mathematics - BA(Hons)
Management and Politics - BA(Hons)
Management and Psychology - BA(Hons)
Marketing - BA(Hons)
Marketing and Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
Marketing and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Marketing and Politics - BA(Hons)
Marketing and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Marketing and Tourism - BA(Hons)
Marketing Communications - BA(Hons)
Mathematics - BSc(Hons)
Mathematics and Sociology - BSc(Hons)
Mathematics Foundation Programme - Foundation
Mechanical Engineering - MEng
Mechanical Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Media - Diploma in Foundation Studies
Media and Cultural Studies - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and English - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and English as a Foreign Language - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and French - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and History - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and Philosophy - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and Politics - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Media and Cultural Studies and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Mental Health - BSc(Hons)
Mental Health Acute Inpatient Care - BSc(Hons)/BSc/Dip HE/Cert HE
Mental Health Nursing - BSc(Hons)/BSc/Dip HE
Midwifery (18 month post registration) - BSc(Hons)
Motorsport Engineering - BEng(Hons)
Multimedia Computing - BSc(Hons)
Multimedia Computing and Music Technology - BSc(Hons)
Multimedia Computing and Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Multimedia Computing and Sociology - BSc(Hons)
Music Systems Engineering - BSc(Hons)
Music Technology and Robotics - BSc(Hons)
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Palliative Care - BSc(Hons)
Pharmaceutical Sciences - BSc(Hons)
Philosophy - BA(Hons)
Philosophy and Politics - BA(Hons)
Philosophy and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Philosophy and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Physiotherapy - BSc(Hons)
Planning with Transport - BA(Hons)/MPlan
Planning, Housing and Renewal - BA(Hons)/MPlan
Politics - BA(Hons)
Politics and Psychology - BA(Hons)
Politics and Sociology - BA(Hons)
Professional Studies - BSc(Hons)
Property Development and Planning - BA(Hons)/MPlan
Property Management and Investment - BSc(Hons)
Psychology - BSc(Hons)
Psychology and Forensic Science - BSc(Hons)
Psychology and Sociology - BSc(Hons)
Psychology and Sports Biology - BSc(Hons)
Public Health - BSc(Hons)
Public Health (12 month top-up) - BSc(Hons)
Public Health (Specialist Community Public Health) - BSc(Hons)
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Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management - BSc(Hons)
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Radiotherapy - BSc(Hons)
Real Estate (Valuation and Management) - BSc(Hons)
Recreation and Leisure Management* - HND
River and Coastal Engineering - FdSc
River and Coastal Engineering - BSc(Hons)
Robotics - BSc(Hons)
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Science - Foundation
Sociology - BA(Hons)
Sociology and Spanish - BA(Hons)
Sociology and Tourism - BA(Hons)
Software Engineering - BSc(Hons)
Spanish and Tourism - BA(Hons)
Specialist Practice - BSc(Hons)
Sports Biology - BSc(Hons)
Sports Business Management - BA(Hons)
Sports Business Management - FdA
Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation - BSc(Hons)
Statistics - BSc(Hons)
Substance Misuse - BSc(Hons)
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Tourism Management - BA(Hons)
Tourism and Environmental Management - BA(Hons)
Town and Country Planning - BA(Hons)/MPlan
Town Planning - Bachelor
Town Planning - Certificate in Professional Development
Transport - Certificate in Professional Development
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Veterinary Nursing Science - BSc(Hons)
Veterinary Nursing Science - FdSc
Veterinary Practice Management - BA(Hons)
Veterinary Practice Management - FdA
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Web Design - BSc(Hons)
Wildlife Management - FdSc
Wildlife Management - BSc(Hons)
Working with Children, Young People and their Families - FdA

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