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Ysgol Griffith Jones
Heol Yr Orsaf, St Clears, SA33 4BT, UK Carmarthen
Tel. 01994 230589

Welcome to Ysgol Griffith Jones

About us

This school provides some of the best buildings and facilities of any Primary School in Carmarthenshire. Housing a self-contained Nursery the provision available for the younger child is second to none.The large school hall, together with the permanent and moveable stage offer excellent facilities for drama work and school functions.

The extensive playing fields provide an impressive play area as well as providing a wide range of sporting activities.A large gymnasium- one of the very few in any Primary School in Carmarthenshire - affords the opportunity for all pupils to participate in movement, gymnastics etc. A new library was opened in April 1993 to support all pupils' reading requirements.


Athrawon /Teachers

Mr. Spencer Jones (Prifathro/Headteacher)

Mrs Beti Wyn James 

Mr Emyr Davies 
(Assistant Head/Prifathro Cynorthwyol)

Mrs Margaret Evans

Mrs Rhian Bowen

Mrs Rhian Perks

Mrs Llinos Griffiths

Mrs Rachel Davies

Mrs Shân Rees 

Mrs Heulwen Reese

Mrs Amanda Harley

Mrs Sue Evans

Cynorthwywyr / Assistants


Mrs Lynwen Merrigan

Miss Anwen Williams 

Mrs Amanda Jones


Mrs Sian Greenhalf 

Miss Katie Totterdale


Mrs Elinor Evans 
Swyddog Gweinyddol 
Administrative Officer


Banc y Beili - The Norman Castle

The castle in St. Clears is a Motte and Bailey castle built by the Normans. These castles could be built quickly and with little cost.
The Normans came to St. Clears up the river Tâf around the year 1100.
The castle is sited in a good defensive position in the fork made by the river Tâf and the river Cynin. It could also see enemies approaching from inland.
The motte is the mound and is about 8 meters high. A wooden castle would have been built on the top. It was the strongest part of the tower and was where the lord and his family would have lived.
The bailey was the area around the mound, which would have been defended by an earthen bank and a wooden fence.
The bailey would have contained many buildings including stables, kitchens, smithies, houses for the soldiers and also possibly a hall.
There would have been a drawbridge or a ramp leading from the bailey to the motte across the moat.
There would have been another moat around the bailey to keep away the enemies.
St Clears castle was burned to the ground on a number of occasions.
The Normans tried to keep hold of the castle and fought battles against the Welsh lords.

Jamie & Aaron

The Wild Boar

Prince Culhwch wanted to marry Princess Olwen.
Olwen?s father King Ysbaddaden set him a task.
Culhwch had to catch the Wild Boar and bring back the comb and scissors that were found on its head.
Culhwch and his friends hunted the Wild Boar.
They found it hiding in Ireland, but it escaped and swam back across the Irish Sea to Wales.
It ran over the bridge in St. Clears.
One of Culhwch?s friends caught it in the River Severn.
Culhwch took the comb and scissors back to Ysbaddaden.
Culhwch and Olwen were married.

Michael & Edward

Money Forgers at St. Clears
In spring 1817 a carriage arrived at the White Lion, Pwll Trap. In the carriage was a lady with her son, daughter and her two cousins and their surname was Thomsons. Her daughter?s name was Jane; her son?s name was William. Their surname was Baines. The lady was on crutches. This was part of the plan. They came from Ireland to St.Clears. They moved into a house called the White House, in Lower St. Clears.

The family was very popular except for William. William had a dark room where he performed unusual experiments. He only went out at night not in the daytime. The family found bought more meat then they needed, so they sold it to their friends. One day Jane found a wallet by the road and they put an advert in the newspaper, nobody claimed it.

The bank in Carmarthen had found some forged £10 notes in the bank. The police had become suspicious of the Baines family and started to watch them. Soon William disappeared, the family told the police that he had gone to Bath because of ill health. Some time later all the family caught the mail coach. They paid with forged £10 notes. But they didn?t get to Bath, because they were caught. The police found William in Bristol and they found the plates and ink which he had used to make the money.

Mrs. Baines and Jane were sentenced to a whole year in jail. William told the police that they had nothing to do with it. The Thomsons were released straight away. William was hanged in May 1818. When Jane and Mrs. Baines were released they went to London. Jane became an actress. As soon as they were in London Mrs. Baines? crutches were forgotten.

Flora & Ruth

Rebecca and her daughters visit St. Clears

The tolls charged at St. Clears were as follows:

Horse and cart      6d  (3p)
Cart with broad wheel    4d  (2p)
Cart with narrow wheel   6d  (3p)
A score (20) of cattle    1s 6d (8p)
A score (20) of sheep    1s  (5p)
One horse       1d    ( ½ p)

Tolls were not charged for the following:

1. Going to church
2. Attending a funeral
3. If the following items were not for sale:
Coal, lime, manure, hay, corn or straw.
4. A farmer travelling less than three hundred yards because of work on the farm.
5. Travellers on foot.

The scene is Mermaid toll gate, St.Clears in Carmarthenshire. It is nearly midnight on 2nd January 1843. We can hear several hundred people approaching. Some are riding horses, but most of them are on foot. They?re carrying flaming torches and banners.
As they approach we see that their leader is a mysterious ?lady? on horseback. This is Rebecca. Her so-called ?daughters? are farmers dressed up as women.  They?re wearing shawls, bonnets and petticoats. They?ve blackened their faces with soot or boot polish. Some have hidden their faces behind handkerchiefs.
When they reach the gate, Rebecca reaches out with her staff and taps on it. She says:
 ?Children there is something put up here. I cannot go on.?
?What is it, mother? Nothing should block your way.?
?It seems like a great gate placed across the road to stop your old mother. Off with it then my dear children. It has no business here.?
At once Rebecca?s ?daughters? swarm forward. Using axes, sledge-hammers and crowbars, they destroy the toll gate and burn the wreckage. Within minutes the crowd has melted into the darkness.

Lloyd & Kevin


Trefn y Dosbarthiadau / Class Organisation

Mae Ysgol Griffith Jones yn Ysgol Categori A a B.
Categori A Dosbarthiadau yn derbyn eu haddysg drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg.
Categori B Dosbarthiadau yn derbyn eu haddysg yn bennaf trwy gyfrwng Saesneg a Chymraeg yn cael ei ddysgu fel ail iaith.
Ar gyfartaledd mae tua 23 - 26 o blant ymhob dosbarth. Yn arferol ni fydd mwy na dwy ystod blwyddyn mewn unrhyw

Ysgol Griffith Jones is a Category A and B school.
Category A Classes are taught through the medium of Welsh.
Category B Classes are taught mainly through the medium of English with Welsh taught as a second language.
Class size on average is 23 - 26 pupils. A two year age range is usually the maximum for any one class.

Diwrnod Ysgol / The School Day

Cofrestru 8.55 - 9.00 Registration

Gwasanaeth 9.00 - 9.15 Assembly

Gwersi 9.18 - 10.30 Lessons

Amser Chwarae 10.30 - 10.45 Playtime

Gwersi 10.45 - 12.00 Lessons

Amser Cinio 12.00 - 1.00 Dinner Break

Gwersi 1.00 - 2.15 Lessons

Amser Chwarae 2.15 - 2.30 Playtime

Gwersi 2.30 - 3.30 Lessons

Diwedd Diwrnod yr Ysgol / End of School Day

Meithrin 3.00 Nursery

Babanod 3.15 Infants

Iau 3.30 Juniors

Adeiladau ac Adnoddau / Buildings and Facilities

Mae'r ysgol hon yn cynnig rhai o'r adeiladau ac adnoddau gorau mewn uhrhyw Ysgol Gynradd yn Sir Gaerfyrddin. Mae'r
Feithrinfa yn cynnig darpariaeth gwych i blant dan bump.Mae'r Neuadd, y llwyfan a'r llwyfan symudol yn rhoi cyfleon i
ddatblygu gwaith drama ac i gynnal nosweithiau cymdeithasol.

Mae'r meysydd chwarae eang yn cynnig safle gwych i ymarfer gwahanol weithgareddau ym myd mabolgampau.Yn ogystal mae
Campfa enfawr yn rhoi cyfleon i blant i ymarfer gymnasteg, symud, pel rwyd, pel fasged a badminton.Agorwyd llyfrgell newydd
sbon yn Ebrill 1993 i ateb gofynion y plant.

Y Gampfa / The Gymnasium

Y Feithrinfa / The Nursery

Y Neuadd / The Hall

This school provides some of the best buildings and facilities of any Primary School in Carmarthenshire. Housing a
self-contained Nursery the provision available for the younger child is second to none.The large school hall, together with the
permanent and moveable stage offer excellent facilities for drama work and school functions.

The extensive playing fields provide an impressive play area as well as providing a wide range of sporting activities.A large
gymnasium- one of the very few in any Primary School in Carmarthenshire - affords the opportunity for all pupils to participate
in movement, gymnastics etc. A new library was opened in April 1993 to support all pupils' reading requirements.

Dosbarth yn yr Adran Iau
Junior Classroom

Y Llyfrgell / The Library
Dosbarth Meithrin / Nursery Classroom

Cwricwlwm / Curriculum

Ein nod yw cyflwyno cwricwlwm eang a chytbwys sy'n addas i holl blant yr ysgol yn ol eu hangen.Mae'r ysgol yn cyflwyno'r
Cwricwlwm Cenedlaethol. Y nod yw sicrhau bod pob disgybl yn cael mynediad i'r cyfleoedd dysgu canlynol:

Pynciau Craidd Cymraeg, Saesneg, Mathemateg, Gwyddoniaeth

Pynciau Sylfaenol Hanes, Daearyddiaeth, Celf, Cerddoriaeth, Ymarfer Corff, Addysg Grefyddol, Technoleg a Thechnoleg

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum suitable for all pupils according to their needs.The school implements
the National Curriculum. The aim is that all pupils are given access to all areas of learning.

Core Subjects English, Welsh, Mathematics, Science

Foundation Subjects History, Geography, Art, Music, P.E., Religious Education, Technology and I.T.

C.R.A.FF. / The P.T.F.A.

Mae gan yr ysgol Gymdeithas Rieni, Athrawon a Ffrindiau sy'n weithgar a chefnogol. Cynhelir cyfarfodydd yn dymhorol i
drafod materion yn ymwneud a'r ysgol a threfnu'r nosweithiau cymdeithasol fel bod pawb yn dod i adnabod ei gilydd ac i godi
arian i hybu'r ddarpariaeth yn yr ysgol.

Mae pob rhiant yn aelod o'r gymdeithas. 'Rydym yn argymell cymaint ag sy'n bosibl i gymryd rhan weithgar i gefnogi'r

The school has an active and extremely supportive Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. Meetings are held termly to
discuss school matters and functions are held regularly so that parents get to know each other and money is raised to
supplement the school provisions.

All parents are automatically members of the P.T.F.A. We encourage as many as possible to take an active part in this
association which is vital to the school.

Tim Criced y C.R.A.FF.
The P.T.F.A. Cricket Team

CLWB HWYL (After School Club)

01994 230071

O 21 Ionawr 2002 ymlaen bydd y Clwb Hwyl yn agor am dair noson yr wythnos yn unig.  Ar hyn o bryd mae plant yn mynychu?r clwb yn rheolaidd ar nosweithiau Llun, Mawrth a Iau  (rhwng 3.00-5.45yh) a phenderfynwyd cynnal y Clwb ar y nosweithiau yma yn unig.  Bydd hyn yn galluogi?r Clwb i redeg yn fwy economaidd.  Agorir y Clwb os bydd angen ar nosweithiau ychwanegol yn y dyfodol.

Hefyd, gofynnwn yn garedig os oes gennych unrhyw hen deganau a gemau mewn cyflwr da nad oes angen arnoch bellach.  Byddwn yn ddiolchgar iawn am eich rhoddion.

As from 21 January 2002 onwards Clwb Hwyl will only open for three evenings per week.  These evenings will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (between 3.00-5.45pm) where we already have children attending on a regular basis.  In doing this it will enable us to run the Club more economically.  The Club will open for extra evenings if the need arises in the future.

Also, we kindly ask if you have any old toys and games in good condition that you no longer require.  If so, your donations would be gratefully received.

Gwisg Ysgol / School Uniform
A'r gael drwy'r C.R.A.FF - Purchasable from the P.T.F.A.
Crys Chwys gwyrddlas gyda logo'r ysgol - Jade sweatshirt with school logo
Cardigan wyrddlas gyda logo'r ysgol - Jade cardigan with school logo
Crys-t gwyrddlas gyda logo'r ysgol - Jade t-shirt with logo
Crys polo gwyn - White polo shirt
Bechgyn / Boys
Trowsus glas tywyll - Navy school trousers
Siorts glas tywyll - Navy shorts
Sanau glas tywyll - Navy socks
Merched / Girls
Sgert las dywyll/Ffrog Pinafor - Navy skirt/pinafore dress
Siorts glas tywyll - Navy shorts
Ffrog Gingham wen a glas thywyll - Navy and white Gingham dress
Sanau/'tights' - gwyn neu glas tywyll - White/navy socks or tights
Esgidiau du neu las tywyll - Black/navy shoes
sandalau ysgol - school sandals

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