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St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary School
Altwood Road, SL6 4PX, UK Maidenhead
+44 (0)1628 620183

Our School

When I was asked to write something about our school, I thought I could talk about our excellent standards, our broad and balanced curriculum, our well behaved pupils, our brilliant staff and the wonderful ethos that permeates the school making it such and enjoyable place to be in. However, I decided that the children would be the best ambassadors and so here are some of their comments:

Tricia Opalko-Headteacher


"St Edmund Campion is a really good school especially the Christmas dinners. We have really good teachers and they are all really nice.
On special occasions we have own clothes day and lots of games, like on Christmas we do Christmas games and making cards for our family.
We have concerts, of pupils who play an instrument. They perform to the whole school and parents can come".

"In the infants there are four classes in the lower juniors there's three classes and in the upper juniors there's three classes as well. Every class has about thirty children so their friends will be in their class. St Edmund Campion school is a catholic school and children that are not Catholics are still welcome in our school."


"St Edmund Campion is a good school if you want your child to get a good education and nice friends. Most classes have 30 children but my class only has 26, however even with this amount of children, you can get a lot of friends. Our teachers are very reasonable, and if your child has been exceptionally good all week he/she will be rewarded."


"Our school is a very peaceful school with lots of awards to be won, lots of responsibilities to be taken, like peer mediation, school council, head boy/girl, and eco club. We all enjoy school, and teachers try to make it exciting. "


"The teachers at St Edmund Campion school are really funky. Some teachers can make the lesson really boring by droning on but ours make the lessons really fun and I personally enjoy them very much.
At play there are many things that you can do because they have just bought balls for the school and there is some school equipment that has just been bought.
Many people have groups of friends and they play with each other.
If a few people have a fall out there are peer mediators and they help solve the problem. There is a school council which help improve the school. There is the eco group which helps improve the environment. "


"“What events do we do?” Every Monday we read the previous gospel in a quiet silence to pray, then on Wednesday, we reflect on it, and say our mission statement prayer, and sing some hymns.
On Friday we have an awards' assembly. Awards assembly is for when children have been good all week and are chosen by the teachers. Then we listen to the children who have brought in awards from out of school while they tell the reasons why they got it. Then one by one the teachers will tell the people who they gave awards to why they received them. "


"St Edmund Campion School is a very friendly, good natured place to be. During lessons we have great fun and learn lots at the same time. The teachers are great and you get to know them very well. You feel that you can tell them anything.
We have a lot of great facilities including the library, the ICT suite, a large field, a lovely swimming pool and a lot more! We also have many after school clubs like netball, tag rugby, basketball, multi-sports and many more. "


"Teachers are easy to talk to; this makes it easier to learn.
St Edmund Campion school does a good job of balancing Christianity with education.
Teachers are open to jokes, and try to make lessons fun and enjoyable, by including interesting tips, ideas, and theories. "


"At our school, we have a wide range of sports. We also have an outdoor swimming pool that we use in the summer. We then have two lessons in the pool per week and on our fun days we have races. We have a school library where children get an opportunity to choose a book. We visit the library on a weekly basis. We have an ICT suite children are allowed to go to and have one lesson per week. "
"Our teachers are very kind and helpful we stay in the same classes in the infants but swap for maths in the lower juniors and maths and literacy in the upper juniors".


"The things that I like about the school are the clubs. There are all sorts of clubs. In the clubs you can train and play. Some of the clubs are netball, football, tag rugby and cricket and lots of others. If you join them then you can get a chance of doing tournaments."


"I like the school because the teachers are nice, and they make the lessons fun.
The school has clubs so we can play football, netball, basketball, and much more. "


"I like the talent show it lets people show what they can do. Last year, I played guitar in a band of children. It was loads of fun. We played rock. Most children dance to the songs, or mime out the songs to show they know them."


"I like St Edmund Campion School because we can all get along in a friendly way. I like the way that the teachers teach, with a little bit of humour. The lessons are always interesting. I always like the award system that they use. "


"In our school, we are allowed access to the computer suite at playtime for projects. Some of the teachers are funny, though some are strict, but our school library makes up for it.
The school has its own outdoor, heated swimming pool and in the summer, we swim twice a week.
Our teachers encourage us to do well in class and also outside class.
When you're in year six, the school takes you to Wales for work on coasts and you get to go pony trekking, orienteering and more.
The school has a number of after school activities like chess and karate."


"I think that we have a very good school curriculum, it is very relaxed and enjoyable you never feel left out and it is very homey. The teachers are responsible and understanding and there are plenty of people to play with."


"St Edmund Campion is really fun because our teachers try and make lessons exciting for us. From my point of view, I think the school is brilliant. You make friends the second you get there. You never feel left out."


"Our school has a swimming pool, and we have lessons each week in the summer.
Every class has an interactive whiteboard (smart board), which makes lessons very interesting."


"This school is my new school. I came to the school in September and in some ways this school is good, not just good, perfect, like maths and games. In maths we are doing our SATs test but it is not too bad, it is fun.
Games is fun but we are playing netball at the moment. I love games but not netball! My teachers are the best! I am a new student but I was welcomed like a family."

Mission Statement   

I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.
John 10:10


God is at the centre of everything we do

School Aims

The teaching and practice of the Catholic faith plays a major role in the life of the school and underpins the school’s curriculum. Each child is entitled to a high quality and balanced programme of learning experiences.

Our aim is to make our school a place where:

  • children learn in a happy, secure, stimulating and attractive environment;
  • parents are warmly welcomed and treated as partners;
  • there are high expectations of work and behaviour;
  • teachers strive to provide quality education to the highest academic standards;
  • every member of the community is valued
  • every child is acknowledged as having individual needs according to ability and aptitude
  • every child is offered the same opportunities, with a curriculum which is broad, balanced  and well planned
  • every child is supported and challenged as appropriate, experiencing continuity and progression in their learning

Our aim is that each child will develop:

  • Catholic values and respect for the beliefs of all;
  • a loving relationship with God,
  • courteous behaviour and consideration for others, learning to recognise and appreciate the achievements of others
  • an interest in their work and be motivated to learn
  • a high standard of personal achievement and self-esteem
  • an appreciation of, and support for, our parish and the wider community
Last Updated ( 12 September 2007 )

A History of the School

The school opened on Tuesday 10th September 1963 with a roll of 98 children. The headteacher was Mr King. There were apparently enough desks and chairs but no dining tables. Gradually over the following week new resources arrived, eg radio, record player, film projector, 200 library books, dining tables and two pianos.

The school was broken into in Jan 64 and £60 of PE equipment was taken! An injured deer was found in the school hall in May of that year.

The following year a residential school trip was arranged to Belgium and Holland.

By 1966 the roll had more than doubled to 247 children. The school was getting so big that two mobile classrooms were purchased in July. By September 68 there were 320 on roll, which is bigger than our school today! The first full inspection came in July 68. The Inspectors wrote: “This is a school where the easy relations between adults and children and the stimulating atmosphere within the classrooms, encourages liveliness and a drive to be and do one’s best”

In 1979 the head died in his office on the evening of March 19th. Mr Edmondson succeeded him in the following September. He continued in post until 1984 when Mr Boland Lee joined the school. He was followed by Mrs Blyth. Mrs Opalko took over as head in 2000.

The school log over those years shows a very lively school with a huge variety of activities organised to engage the pupils: Nativity plays, musicals, concerts, residential and day trips, sports days, retreats, music festivals and a trip to Wembley. There were even several break-ins and occasional vandalism!

They could easily have been talking about our school today.

In our 2000 inspection we were described as:
…a good school which benefits from effective leadership and management by the headteacher and senior staff, as well as from its well informed governing body. Pupils’ attitudes and behaviour are a credit to the school and it provides well for both their academic and personal development. Across the school the teaching is mainly good and pupils generally achieve well as a result. Overall the school’s strengths greatly outweigh its weaknesses and it provides good value for money.”


The school prospectus is a large document and has been broken down into 5 elements.

  • Opening Letter
  • The main body of the document
  • Annex 1
  • Annex 2
  • Annex 3


St. Edmund Campion follows a broad based curriculum, which encompasses the National Curriculum and is tailored to our specific aims of developing the whole child.
  • Curriculum  ( 6 items )

    Science, English, ICT, Maths, Modern, Foreign Languages and Religious Studies.

  • Foundation Subjects  ( 7 items )
    PHSE, Design Technology, Physical Education, Music, Geography, History, Art, Craft and Design

The On-Line Classroom
table.jpg Homework is an integral part of school study and is approached in many different ways.Whilst not every piece of homework your child is supposed to do will be shown here, there will be occasional pieces and your child will have been advised to look at the website.


St Edmund Campion Cathoilc Primary School does host a number of out of school clubs and activities. As these items are forwarded to the Web Administers they will be added to the Web Page

At the moment we have information on the following activities.

  • Football  ( 4 items )
    We have two teams playing in the local schools' leagues

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