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Whitelocke Infant & Nursery School
Norreys Avenue, RG40 1UX, UK Wokingham
+44 (0)118 978 7173

Welcome to the

Whitelocke Infant & Nursery

School website

Whitelocke is a Foundation school, set in delightful grounds in Wokingham.  The school comprises a mainstream Infant and Foundation Stage department, together with a special Resource for physically disabled pupils, enabling us to offer a very successful integration programme that is well resourced both in terms of staffing and equipment.



Whitelocke is a Foundation school, having previously been Grant Maintained for six years.  The school is set in delightful grounds that support and enhance the curriculum.


The school was built in 1971 and since then has been significantly extended and now comprises a mainstream Infant and Foundation Stage department, together with a special Infant and Foundation Stage Resource for physically disabled pupils.  This enables us to offer a very successful integration programme that is very well resourced, both in terms of staffing and equipment.


The ethos of our school reflects our belief that all children should be helped and encouraged to be the best they can, whilst still acknowledging that each child is unique.


What kind of school are we?

At Whitelocke we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. We value each individual, their uniqueness and the contribution they can make to our school community. We provide a safe, caring, enjoyable and challenging learning environment.


Our school programmes of study are in line with the Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum, have been developed over a period of time and are under regular review - we can make adaptations as the need arises to ensure that each cohort of children receives input at the appropriate level, taking into account Special Educational Needs. When planning the curriculum, children with learning difficulties, physical difficulties and those working at a higher level who may be considered gifted and talented, are all taken into consideration.


Visitors to our school are all impressed by the happy, warm and friendly atmosphere and often compliment us on the buildings and grounds. 

General Information for Parents

School Uniform




Grey trousers or shorts

Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers

or red and white striped or checked summer dress

White or grey  polo shirt ,T shirt, shirt

White polo shirt, shirt or T shirt

Red sweatshirt

Red sweatshirt or cardigan


Children in the Foundation Unit do not need to wear a uniform until they become full  time, but if parents would like their child to wear a school sweatshirt, they can be purchased in school. Please ensure your children wear clothes that are easy for them to manage themselves when going to the toilet.

Order forms for polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces, hats and book bags with the school logo are available from the office.


There is a selection of good quality second hand items in school. Please ask at the school office.

We do not have a P.E. kit as we have found that it takes too long for the children to change their clothes.  The children do indoor P.E. in their vests and pants and outdoor P.E. in their ordinary clothes.  Trainers or other suitable shoes may be brought in for outdoor P.E.


Long hair should be tied back in the interests of health and safety.


In general, we ask that no jewellery should be worn for health and safety reasons.  However, children with pierced ears may wear stud earrings.  No other type of earrings should be worn.


For health and safety reasons, please could you ensure that your child does not wear open toed sandals, shoes with raised heels, sling-back, canvas or jelly shoes, knee high boots or shoes with platform soles.



We have a statutory duty to report all absences from school to the Department for Education. Authorised and unauthorized absences are also recorded on a child's school report in Key Stage 1.


All absences should be covered by either a telephone call as soon as an absence occurs or by a note on return to school.   If we are informed of visits to the dentists, doctor, hospital etc. it is recorded in the register as an authorised absence.


Unauthorised absences are all those for which we do not receive notification, either before or after the event, or which do not meet the criteria for authorised absences.


It is our intention to keep absences to the absolute minimum and we ask all parents to support us in achieving this goal. Holidays in term time are strongly discouraged as it can have an impact on children's learning.


Lunchtime arrangements

Once children in Foundation Stage become full time there are facilities and supervision available for them to have a meal at school. From 12.00 p.m. - 1.25 p.m. the children are supervised by lunchtime controllers, both while eating their meals and afterwards in the playground. At present, Initial Catering Service (I.C.S.) provides a cooked meal for those families that require it. It is possible to opt to have main meals on some days and packed lunch on others.  This is probably a good idea if your child wishes to start having main meals for the first time. A copy of the current menu is available from the Reception office.


    Children eating a school meal should bring in their money at the beginning of the week.  Please send the correct money in a sealed envelope marked with your child's name, base group and the amount of money enclosed, which the base teacher will collect at morning registration time.  You will be advised of the cost of school meals for the following term at the end of each term. 


Children may bring a packed lunch in a named lunch box.   We ask you NOT to include fizzy drinks, nuts or sweets in your child's meal and, during the Summer Term, also ask you to refrain from sending any kind of chocolate as, in the past, this has led to the problem of ants raiding the lunch boxes.  Please ensure that bottle and container tops are secure. We have found that the small square plastic lunch boxes are most suitable for use in school, bearing in mind our limited storage space. 


Charging for school activities

As a way of enhancing and enriching the curriculum the school offers a range of extra opportunities.  This may be a farm trip for FSU or a visit to a museum or Nature Park for the older children.


Parents will be asked to make voluntary contributions for any visit or journey organised by the school and approved by the Governors. Where a voluntary contribution is not made, pupils will not be discriminated against. However, the school reserves the right to determine whether the level of voluntary contribution is sufficient to enable the activity to take place.


If we need to purchase specialist materials for a piece of work parents may be asked to pay a small contribution towards it. This enables parents to own the finished product of a practical activity when ingredients, materials, equipment etc. are paid for.   No child will be at a disadvantage because of a lack of parental contribution, but ownership of the product may remain with the school.


The Governing Body reserves the right to ask parents to contribute towards the cost of replacing materials or equipment damaged by their child as a result of inappropriate use.

The school reserves the right to levy a charge in any circumstances permissible under the 1988 Education Reform Act.



Any money sent into school should be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the child's name, base teacher's name and purpose of the money clearly marked on the outside.

Ethos and Values of Whitelocke School

All children at Whitelocke are given the opportunity to achieve within a safe, secure environment.   Health and Safety is a key concern for all, alongside individual care and support for individual needs. 

Our experienced staff are committed to delivering a high quality curriculum.  Within our broad and balanced curriculum there is a clear focus on delivering Literacy and Numeracy skills in a variety of ways.  ICT skills are taught using our suite of computers and there is a commitment to developing ICT so that it becomes an integral part of all subject areas.

Our school is maintained to very high standards.  Children's work is displayed to improve motivation and increase confidence - all children are praised for positive attitudes and achievement.   Performance Management for teaching staff focuses on developing aspects of teaching and learning that will have a direct impact on the children's achievements.

Our Aims

At Whitelocke we aim to create an environment where the children feel happy and secure and in which they can experience the joy of learning.  We work to achieve this by :

  • Recognising that every child is of equal value and that each has a unique contribution to make to our school community.
  • Encouraging every child to develop a positive, confident self-image and outlook.
  • Providing opportunities for every child to develop skills which will enable them to live as an independent, self-motivated individual and be an active member of society.
  • Encouraging children to develop a sensitive awareness of other's needs so that they are able to celebrate difference and recognise the contribution that every individual can make to the overall good.
  • Provide genuine equality of educational opportunities throughout the curriculum for all children.
  • Delivering a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which caters for the needs of all children, enabling them to develop concepts, attitudes, values and skills through stimulating and relevant experience.
  • Having high expectations of all children and encouraging them to develop and meet their potential in every sphere of activity; academic, pastoral, social, physical, moral and spiritual.
  • Encouraging the children to develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves enthusiastically and effectively to the tasks required of them.

Inclusion and integration

The majority of our KS1 Resource  children work in a small group in the 'Resource Area' in the mornings but are fully integrated with their Mainstream peers for all non-core subjects in the afternoon and Science/DT on Fridays. This enables us to provide relative learning experiences and appropriate challenge for all children. Children who join the Resource at Foundation Stage are fully integrated and have equal access to the Foundation Stage curriculum.

We aim to teach all children the age-related programmes of study, meeting particular needs and abilities in line with the requirements of a Statement of SEN or with learning difficulties identified by staff in school. The teacher in charge of the Resource works closely with the Physiotherapist and Speech and Language Therapist to ensure that a child receives the appropriate support but at varying times so no one subject or time is regularly missed.

As a school we take into account a child's social and cultural background and work with the Traveller and Ethnic Minority Support group to develop a better understanding of the needs of different groups in our local community.

Highly achieving children are challenged so that they begin to show increased independence and higher order thinking skills as teachers  extend the breadth and depth of children's learning. Obviously within all teaching groups the needs and abilities vary and differentiation is built into teacher's planning.

Priorities for the Curriculum

Our school has a wide catchment area and children's needs vary. Our parents are supportive, and enjoy a variety of opportunities to come into school . The majority of children have a wide vocabulary and good communication skills and are ready to tackle the Stepping Stones, making good rates of progress. Some children need extra support with basic Literacy and Numeracy Skills as they enter Foundation Stage with poor speaking and listening skills and the appropriate support is put into place to help develop these skills.

As a school we realise that we must always be looking at ways of enhancing delivery of the curriculum to suit children in an ever changing world. We prioritise English and Maths teaching but maintain our broad, balanced curriculum.

Parental Involvement

We believe in the importance of a partnership between home and school.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in school life on a number of different levels.

We hope that parents will wish to take a full part in their child's education.  By working in partnership with the teachers you will ensure that your child is provided with the best possible opportunities for a happy and successful school career.

You will receive regular newsletters informing you about what is happening in school, and there will be various functions you will be invited to throughout the year.    We always invite parents to join us for special events such as sports day, entertainments, festivals etc.

We realise that parents lead busy lives.   However, if you do have any spare time we would welcome your help in school as there are all sorts of ways in which parents can support what we are doing.  It is very rewarding to work with young children in a school environment, and your own child will benefit from you sharing his/her school life. 

We are also grateful for help with the never ending tasks such as covering books and work cards, repairing and preparing apparatus etc.   We will also be delighted to hear from you if you feel you have something special to share with the children; an interesting hobby perhaps that you can talk about or demonstrate.  In the past we have had parents bring in unusual pets and talk to the children about caring for them.   Others have introduced children to basic photography skills, or demonstrated how to play a musical instrument.

We have a 'Friends of Whitelocke Association', a group of parents that organise social and fundraising activities for children and parents.  In the last year they have helped to organise Family Discos, a Christmas Fair, a cake sale at Easter and a Sponsored Bounce.

Another way in which you might care to become involved in school life is by standing for nomination as a parent governor.  Vacancies occur from time to time and parents will be notified when this occurs.

Class Pages


These Class Pages are designed to give an insight into the organisation of the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, and an understanding of the day-to-day activities of the children at the different stages of their development. 


GENERAL INFORMATION - Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 

General Information: Library Books - Religious Education and collective worship  




General Information: Session Times - Lunch Club - Toys and 'showing' - Reporting to Parents  





General Information: The School Day - Organisation in KS1 - Daily Pattern of Lessons - Showing - Timetable - Reporting to Parents



General Information



Health and Safety

- Health and Safety

- Children's Health

     - Medication

     - Asthma

     - Allergies

- Car Parking


Special Educational Needs and Admissions Policies



- with link to latest report


National Curriculum Key Stages/Teacher Assessments


Behaviour Management



Images of Whitelocke




Where to find us

- Map

- Aerial photos

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