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Bedgrove Infant School
Ingram Avenue, HP21 9DJ, UK Aylesbury
+44 (0)1296 481353

Welcome to Bedgrove Infant School

Bedgrove Infant School has 460 children between three and seven years of age. It is one of the largest Infant Schools in Buckinghamshire. If you have a look around our school you will soon see that our outdoor classrooms are as exciting and innovative as our indoor areas! The children love to learn. We take the health of our children very seriously and as a "Healthy School" do our best to ensure they continue to build on the good habits you have started at home. All children have access to water throughout the day and fruit at break time. Please do help us by encouraging your children to try a variety of fruit and vegetables at home
We also have a fun whole year group session at the end of palytime called "wake and shake" where the children are encouraged to join in some fun (but strenuous!) dance excercises! (It is very good for the staff too!)

Since 2002 we have been delighted to gain recognition from both IIP and Quality Mark agencies for our outstanding achievements. We are a Partnership Promotion School and a Professional Development School. We recently were one of the first schools in the country to gain the new National ICT mark. We have recently won a prestigious grant for Science to help us create a series of garden areas to enhance the learning and teaching. Children can experiment with solar panels, water features, texture and sight, sound and smell.

We hope our website helps you to find the information you need about our school. If you have any queries please leave a message on our enquiry line or call us on 01296 481353 to make an appointment.


Planters and statues
Year 2 gardening area.
Year 2 stage
Drama in the open air.
Stone Age Cave
History brought to life.
Peaceful pond
A super resource for science.
Year 1 play area
Active play for healthy children.
What do you enjoy doing?
Writing Huts.
Opportunities to relax together at playtime.
Totems in the middle of Buckinghamshire?
Sculpture by the children.
Are you sitting comfortably.....?
The sharing, caring chair.
Ice skating event!!!!
This is the recent PTA ice skating event. Were you there?


We are only able to give children medicines, creams, etc., prescribed by the doctor. If you wish us to administer medicine at any particular time you need to complete a consent form from the office. Children are not allowed to bring cough pastilles, throat sweets or lip salve into school.
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Absence from school
If your child is sick please could you ring the school office on their first day of absence to inform the school why your child is not attending. When your child returns to school the class teacher will need a letter explaining the absence for the school register. This is a County requirement. In order to ensure the safety of the children our Office Staff will have to ring parents / carers if we are not notified on the first morning of any absence. This wastes valuable office time.
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School's achievements
We are the first Primary School in England to be assessed for 'The Challenge Award', which focuses on providing teaching, learning and curriculum opportunities for the Able, Gifted and Talented children.

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School Routines
The bell will be rung in the back playground at 8.55am. Please ensure your child is ready to join the class line at this time. To ensure the required teaching hours for Key Stage One are completed we need to start lessons promptly at 9.05am and lessons will finish at 3.00pm. Classes will then be taken to the back playground by 3.05pm. Nobody is allowed to bring cars into the front car park without prior permission. This includes taxis.
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We are collecting Tesco Vouchers for computer software and hardware to update Foundation and Key stage 1 facilities. All contributions are gratefully received. It does take a lot of vouchers to acquire the things we need as we have to buy site licences for any software due to the number of children it is to help.

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Parent Helpers
We are always very grateful to the parents, grandparents and Bedgrove Residents who offer to help and support the teachers during the school days. With the many changes that have taken place in teaching the school curriculum, we would like to encourage anyone who is willing to help in school to attend a Workshop. These are arranged at various times throughout the Year. Please ask at the Office for details. A Crèche will be provided for young children. All helpers will be asked to complete a CRB check and will be given a booklet about school procedures.
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Please can I remind you to consider our local residents when parking. This involves the slip road off Ingram Avenue, on corners or across driveways either in Ingram Avenue or in the Bedgrove Pavilion area. This also creates a safety problem for the children walking to school. The school has been contacted on several occasions by neighbours expressing concern about young children being left unattended in cars. Please be aware of the risks and dangers this involves. Please do not allow children to ride bicycles or scooters in the playground.
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Please can I ask you, whenever possible, not to take holidays during the school term. If a child has more than 10 days holiday during the academic year these days count as unauthorised absences. These are logged onto your child's report and will become part of school statistics. If you wish to take your child out of school for a holiday please could you complete a Leave of Absence Form which can be obtained from the Office. If your child is in Year 2 it is very important that no holiday is taken in May.
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Library cover and opening hours.
We would like to continue our practice of opening the Library from 3.00pm - 3.30pm for children to change their books. Any parents who would be willing to manage the Library during this time on any day please let Mrs Vicky Milnes, or the Office, know.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Due to limited space pushchairs will not be allowed in the library. I am sure you will ensure your children treat the resources with care. Thank you very much to all of the parents who have volunteered to help in this way.
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Foundation Stage Classes - September 2006
From Septenber2006 there will be two Foundation Stage classes. These will be taught by
FS - Miss Hannah Shelton
FP - Mrs Louise Purkins

Mrs Liz Fenner and Mrs Sue Longmate will return to Foundation 2 in January 2007.

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Jewellery is not to be worn in school, with the exception of stud earrings in the ears. Jewellery is easily lost or damaged and it is a potential source of danger in PE lessons and in the playground. Earrings need to be taken out on PE days or parents can provide micropore tape for the children to put over their ears.

No responsibility can be accepted for any loss or damage to such items, including watches, brought into school.
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Sickness and toileting accidents
Please notify the School if you do not wish staff to deal with changing your child after a sickness or toileting accident.
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Voluntary Contributions
As you are very aware, schools are always struggling to make their allocated budgets balance at the end of the year and we rely heavily on parental support. With our age group of children we find it easier to supply all consumables that children may use in class, such as pencils, crayons, felt tips, glue, whiteboards etc rather than ask children to provide their own for no additional charge as in other schools. (This costs the school at least £15 per child). Each child is also provided with a water bottle which costs the school £1.50 per bottle. As you are also aware, each term our children have first hand experience of theatre groups, story tellers, workshops etc (£800 plus per term).
With the Governors agreement, we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of £10.00 per term from each child. We do not keep lists of who has paid but rely on the support from the parents who feel they can contribute. Please complete the slip at the end of this letter with your voluntary contribution.
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Serious Allergies and Foods
There are a number of children within the school with Nut Allergies. As this is a very serious condition would you please ensure that you avoid sending foods in your child's lunch box containing peanuts, peanut butter, other nuts or products that contain nuts. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


If you go down to Foundation today

Down in foundation Stage we are learning all about ourselves and our environment this half term. The indoor and outdoor activities are leading children to explore their world and extend their understanding of this wide concept. From K&U with how we grow and change and the places we live in, PSED how to take care of ourselves and others around us, PD with learning how to dress and undress ourselves, there is so much to do and so many opportunities to learn in a safe, fun environment.
Our outdoor and indoor areas are constantly evolving as the team come up with new ideas to enhance the teaching and learning. Our large imaginative play area this term is to be based on school life!! Our writing and art areas have been revamped to offer a wider range of possibilities which change each week. The new music area has a small stage and, with the addition of an outside socket, will be able to be used for a variety of msical and drama activities.
If you would like to come along and look around our facilities please contact the school office.
Wecome to Year 1
We have found that as children come up to Year 1 there is a need to allow them to go through a transitional process from Foundation Stage to Key stage 1. This is carefully monitored to help all of our children settle in safely and happily.
Both outdoor and indoor areas are seen as invaluable for learning and teaching. We are very fortunate to have a wide variety of different environments for our children to explore. The children are in four classes in Year 1 and then are grouped for Literacy and Numeracy.
Each half term storytellers, theatre groups and musicians are invited into the school to lead workshops. This ensures that the children are given a broad curriculum including creativity.

Year 1 are studying the local environment in geography, watercolours and self portraits in art, the body in science and simple adventure programs in ICT this half term. Don't be surpised if a teddy comes home to stay!


Welcome to Year 2
Year 2 has four classes. In Literacy and Numeracy the children are grouped into ability sets so that they can be taught at the appropriate level. This gives the best opportunity to extend the able child and support those children who need extra help. The afternoons are for Science, ICT, geography, history, art and technology and work on a rotational block week timetable. This allows the children to concentrate on one subject at a time for an extended period and has proved to be both great fun and a benefit to learning. Music, PSHCE, P for C, RE and indoor and outdoor PE form the rest of our very busy weekly timetable.
ICT plays a key role in both the learning and teaching in the school. The children have access to a wide range of technology to help them investigate topics. In the year two block we have two computer suites where the children can access the Internet and e-mail for research. They also have access to laptops so that work can be extended within the classrooms as needed. These same skills can be explored during study time in our library.
When outside the year 2 children have their own area where they are encouraged to develop a range of skills using the resources available to them during both morning breaks and at lunchtimes. This outside area is also an extended classroom and there are facilitiies for environmental and conservation studies and drama, as well as physical activities.
Throughout the year the children have opportunities to enjoy a wealth of experiences brought to them in the form of workshops, theatre productions and speakers as well as performing themselves at Christmas and the end of the year. This, combined with a week every half term devoted to the creative curriculum , ensures that we develop the whole child and provide them with a rounded and memorable experience of the Infant School life.

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