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Elmtree School
Elmtree Hill, HP5 2PA, UK Chesham
+44 (0)1494 771474

School from back.jpg (28977 bytes)

Here are just some of the reasons why you should come and visit us when you are looking for the right school for your child.

Elmtree School is a community school specialising in early years education for children aged 3 to 7 years.

The first primary school in Buckinghamshire to achieve Investors In People accreditation, by recognising the importance of obtaining and nurturing the very best staff. 

One of the first schools in Buckinghamshire To be awarded the Basic Skills Quality mark for the quality of our teaching in the "3Rs".

The first primary school in England to receive a National Teaching Award for excellence in Primary Special Needs teaching.

Winners of the South East Excellence Award for the quality of the school management.

Commended in the UK Excellence Award for the quality of the school management.

When children leave us they transfer to one of the local junior schools and then, at age 11, to a secondary school. In Buckinghamshire there is a selective system for secondary education. Children take the eleven plus and are allocated places at the appropriate type of school, either a Grammar School or a non-selective Secondary School.

In the Autumn term the Main School is organised into five classes plus the Nursery. There are two parallel Year 2 classes and two parallel Year 1 classes and one Reception class. In January we will have a further Reception class. The Blue Nursery admits children in the term after their 3rd birthday on a part-time basis for three terms, they then have two terms in the Red Nursery before  transferring to the main school. Children are admitted to the nursery every term.

Nursery, Elmer, Nimra age 4.jpg (9883 bytes)

"Elmer", by Nimra, age 4.

We also have a 15 place Language Department for children with Statements of Special Educational Needs for language disorders. These children are all attached to mainstream classes and integrate to varying degrees, being supported part of the time by the teacher in charge of the Language Department, our Speech and Language Therapist or the support assistants assigned to that department. 

Elmtree Extended School Service provides the option of out of school hours clubs, enabling parents to lengthen their child's school day whilst being assured of quality care. Please look at the Extended School Service page for more details of this provision.


Dear Parents,

This website is intended to help you to find out more about the life and work of Elmtree School.

On every working day there are countless activities taking place here which are exciting, worthwhile, enriching and interesting.

We offer a broad curriculum which will equip children for the twenty first century.

All staff strive to stimulate pupils and ensure that all reach their full potential. The caring atmosphere of the school enables pupils to be happy and productive, thus helping them to grow socially, academically and emotionally.

We have gained national recognition for our work as detailed on the "Our Successes" page of this website.

We also believe that we can only achieve the best for your child by close cooperation between home and school.

The choice of school for your child is a very important decision. I am always happy to show new parents and children around the school and nursery, you are most welcome to telephone or  e-mail to arrange an appointment.

We have our Blue Nursery for 3 year olds and our Red Nursery for 4 year olds. The main school has the capacity to admit sixty children in each academic year, with not more than thirty in any class. Pupils are attracted from Chesham and the surrounding area.

We hope that you will share with us in making this a successful period in your child's life.

 Yours sincerely,


L. Seddon


At Elmtree School . . .
We aim to help children develop a lively, inquiring mind, nourish their diverse talents and encourage them to question and evaluate all things. We hope to foster stability and self-control, which will help the children to cope with their future life. Our purpose is to increase every child’s ability to concentrate and apply themselves to tasks, thus encouraging their intellectual, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual development.

Geography I walk to school.jpg (3432 bytes)

I walk to school with my mum and my friend, by Kate, age 5.

At Elmtree School all pupils share a broad and balanced curriculum based upon the National Curriculum, the Foundation Curriculum and the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies. This ensures that all our children have a firm foundation for their future.

We pride ourselves in providing a stimulating learning environment, which enables all children to reach their full potential. We acknowledge the individual needs of each child and match learning activities as closely as possible to their abilities.


At Elmtree all aspects of English are given priority, as it provides the essential tools for all areas of the curriculum. Great emphasis is put on reading and all the children are encouraged to read for enjoyment and understanding as well as for information.

Each morning starts with a reading session, which helps to develop the children’s love of books, gives the opportunity to read in a group with an adult and to use books to find information.

To encourage fluency of reading and enjoyment of books all children read from a structured scheme in school. To support the children's reading a 'home reader' is chosen daily. We provide a card for parents, children and teacher to comment. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions about the content of the book, retell passages and predict endings. Children have access to our very attractive library and they choose a library book to take home each week. This well stocked library is also a valuable resource for their topic work.

Literacy skills are taught every morning during 'The Literacy Hour'. These include; phonics, word building, grammar, spelling, handwriting and writing for a variety of purposes. During a large part of this session children work in ability groups.

The development of speaking and listening skills is encouraged through a wealth of interesting activities, including drama and role play, and the use of a variety of materials.



Mathematics also receives a high profile at Elmtree, the 'Numeracy Hour' being timetabled every morning. In line with the recommendations of the 'National Numeracy Strategy' we are aiming for true understanding of basic mathematical concepts. Great attention is given to developing children’s mental calculating strategies, their knowledge of number and their use of precise mathematical language.

In addition to pure number work children learn about shape, space and measurement.

Can you colour half?

Maths colour half.jpg (4695 bytes)

Jessica, age 7.

Children’s learning is enhanced through problem solving, investigations and practical work. A weekly task to complete at home, is set by each class teacher, to provide parents with the opportunity to support their child's mathematical development.

For most mathematical activities children work in ability groups.



At Elmtree science is taught through the use of carefully planned topics which cover the range of knowledge and skills in the National Curriculum.

The children are learning to make sense of our world and are encouraged to show a caring attitude towards their environment.

science.jpg (4193 bytes)

Both intellectual and practical skills are developed through the experimental and investigative aspects of the subject. The children have many experiences which require them to observe, predict, question and to obtain and interpret results. This experimental work is linked to either 'Life Process & Living Things', 'Materials and Their Properties' or 'Physical Processes'.

We have appropriate resources for the areas of science we teach and can, therefore, make the subject both stimulating and meaningful for the children’s learning.

Science is one of the core curriculum areas of the National Curriculum.


, I.C.T.

Children are taught I.C.T. in our purpose built I.C.T. suite. In this room there are fifteen computers, a projector and smart board, tape recorders and programmable toys to enable children to learn all the skills as required by the National Curriculum. These skills include operating a mouse, basic word processing, using an art program, saving and retrieving work and using a CD-ROM. The work is planned in detail and ensures progression of I.C.T. skills for all our children throughout the school.

In every classroom the children have continuous access to computers to enable them to use I.C.T. to support other areas of the curriculum. I.C.T. is used to reinforce work in literacy and mathematics lessons and it is regularly incorporated into other topic work.

ICT a bee.jpg (7198 bytes)

"A Wasp", by Shane, age 5.

Each classroom also has a video player so that the children can easily watch appropriate educational videos.

Information and Communication Technology is the fourth core area of the National Curriculum along with English, Maths and Science.



At Elmtree teachers give children opportunities to develop their Design and Technology capability in several ways. Children practise particular skills in directed tasks. They design and make products that are often linked to other curriculum areas. They also investigate and evaluate ready-made products.

Children are taught to use, safely, a range of basic tools and how to work with a wide variety of materials including wood, card, plastic, fabric and food. Mechanisms and structures are taught through the use of interesting and varied construction kits.

The school is well equipped with appropriate tools, a range of materials, two conventional cookers and a microwave oven.

Design and Technology at Elmtree is an exciting and enjoyable subject that helps to prepare children for the advances in technology in the future.



History is taught as part of the class topics and is very much based upon the children’s own experience and immediate surroundings.

We aim to develop their skills in understanding the passage of time, the differences between life in the past and the present, as well as the ability to sequence events.

      My picture of Tutankhamun,       by Ollie, age 6.

We endeavour to arouse interest in the past by showing the children exciting material to examine and artefacts that they can handle. In this way children develop the ability to understand and interpret the past.

History Tutankhamun.jpg (7811 bytes)



The Geography curriculum at Elmtree concentrates on stimulating children’s interest in their immediate surroundings whilst fostering a sense of wonder at the beauty of the world around them.

The children are taught geographical skills through the study of themes such as "Our world", "Myself", "Toys" and "Holidays". In particular we introduce skills involved in finding out about other parts of the world as well as our own locality.



In Art and Design, the emphasis is placed on the development of skills by the use of different media techniques. Children learn about artists and explore a range of materials and tools working in two and three dimensions. They are encouraged to record from direct experience, memory and imagination, to design, evaluate and improve their work.

Children are given the opportunity to work with paint, dye, crayon, charcoal, pastel, clay, collage, card modelling and fabric. An attractive, stimulating environment is created as a result of displaying the children’s work.

Art copy of The Baptism of Christ by Francesca.jpg (19646 bytes)

"The Baptism of Christ" by Francesca, a copy by Karina, age 7.



At Elmtree each classroom has a wide range of percussion instruments, both tuned and untuned, tape recorders and C.D. players. With this equipment we are able to offer your child an exciting range of musical experiences. We focus on developing the children's ability to listen and to apply knowledge and understanding through performing, composing and appraising as stated in the National Curriculum.

We follow a scheme of work and carefully plan teaching and activities for the children to ensure continuity and progression. These provide a wealth of experiences from different times and cultures and keep a balance between the different strands of the curriculum.

At Christmas all children participate in a musical performance to share with their families. Throughout the year small performances take place, in the classrooms and in assemblies.



Physical Education plays a very important part in our school curriculum. We aim to develop co-ordination and social skills to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

This is accomplished by the creative and safe use of apparatus for gymnastics, games and dance, including country dancing.

Children enjoy energetic involvement and develop an understanding of the effects of exercise on the body. We educate children in the value of exercise to keep their hearts and bodies healthy.



Religious Education is taught with the aim of infusing respect for moral values, consideration for others and tolerance of races, other faiths and ways of life. Opportunities for spiritual and moral development are provided.

We consciously endeavour to create a caring community in which both children and adults are respected as individuals.

RE Special people.jpg (9329 bytes)

Every morning a school assembly is held and religious education, moral training and Christian collective worship takes place.



Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. When the children are at school it is vital that this role is continued and developed. We value the contribution that a family can make to the progress and motivation of their children.

At Elmtree all children bring home a 'home reader' every day. This is to encourage the reading habit, to help develop a love of books for pure pleasure and for information, and to support the teaching of reading that takes place in school. It is worthwhile varying the daily routine, sometimes the child may read the whole book, sometimes they may only manage parts and sometimes it might be more beneficial for an adult to read to the child. Your child will also have the opportunity to select a library book each week.

Maths homework 17 objects in my yogurt pot.jpg (5535 bytes)

How many things can you fit in a yoghurt pot? Jessica, age 5.

Each term class teachers writes to the parents giving information about the work for the term and giving some suggestions for activities that can be undertaken at home. In addition there are some occasions throughout the term when the teacher requests that the child completes specific tasks at home. These are usually linked to topic work and require some information from home or access to some particular resources.

A weekly mathematics activity is sent home on Monday to support the children's learning and to give parents some guidance on suitable home activities.

If a child is experiencing any difficulties at home it is appropriate for parents and teachers to work together to overcome these.

In all aspects of our work at Elmtree we strive to foster good working relationships with all our families.


Aims Routine
Nursery Curriculum Play

Our Blue Nursery provides an excellent start to life at Elmtree for children in the term before, and the term of, their forth birthday. These children can attend for up to five sessions each week.

Our Red Nursery is the next step in their education, for children to attend every morning for the two terms before they start in a reception class.

wpe60622.gif (194582 bytes)


Waiting for a puppet show! Red Nursery

Can you count? Blue Nursery

Both nurseries are well equipped with a wide variety of stimulating resources. There is a secure outside play area for each nursery and the children experience a whole range of activities.

Please look at the following pages to get a "taste" of of Elmtree Nursery.



wpe92294.gif (72721 bytes) Red Elmtree sweatshirt or red Elmtree cardigan
White shirt or white polo shirt
Tie – red with silver stripes, to be worn with cardigan (optional with sweatshirt)
Grey trousers (long or short)
Socks; plain grey or white
Shoes; sensible school shoes in black, grey or red N.B. Trainers are not acceptable


Red Elmtree sweatshirt or red Elmtree cardiganUniform girl.jpg (5295 bytes)
White shirt or plain shirt blouse with collar
Tie – red with silver stripes, worn with cardigan

Grey skirt or tunic or long grey trousers

Socks; plain grey or white
Tights; red or grey
Shoes; sensible school shoes in black, grey or red    N.B. Trainers are not acceptable
Summer; red and white gingham dress
Elmtree cardigan or sweat shirt

P.E. Kit:

PE kit 2.jpg (3500 bytes) Elmtree T-shirt or plain white T-shirt
Red shorts
Black plimsolls
All of which to be kept in a named P.E. bag
N.B. No jewellery is to be worn in school



  • We are a happy, caring, successful school where everyone is achieving their best and preparing to approach all aspects of their future life confidently.




  • Provide a stimulating and safe environment;
  • Value everyone; encouraging and developing their skills and diverse strengths;
  • Contribute positively and increase the children's awareness of the community of Chesham and beyond;
  • Gain recognition as an "outstanding" school by the LEA and all other agencies.



We are

  • Professional;
  • Supportive;
  • Positive;
  • Honest;
  • Fair;
  • Approachable;
  • Innovative

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