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Ley Hill School
Ley Hill, HP5 1YF, UK Chesham
+44 (0)1494 784205


Welcome from the Children at Ley Hill School

Welcome to Ley Hill School - the best school in the world!

Ley Hill School is set in the quiet and charming village of Ley Hill and is surrounded by countryside and woods. The facilities at our school are really good. We have lots of PE equipment, a large playing field, two climbing frames, a good sized hall, a great IT Suite and a really good library.

The school has a large number of clubs like Art Club, Drama, Netball, Dance, Table Tennis, Football, Eco Club, Gardening club, Tag Rugby, Cross Country, Short Tennis, Cricket, Chess, plus lots of music including a big choir and a full orhcestra.

Ley Hill School has achieved lots of awards such as the 'ActiveMark Gold' for PE and Games. We are the first Eco School in Bucks. We also have good 11+ and SATs results.

We all get to go on many school trips which are related to topics we study. These include visits to the National Gallery, Kentwell Hall (where we get to dress up in Tudor costume), The Science Museum, Shortenills Environmental Study Centre, plus local studies of Ley Hill, Chesham and High Wycombe. When you get to years 4, 5, & 6 you get to go on residential journeys for a week to places like Shortenills, PGL and France!

The people at Ley Hill School are really kind and helpful. The pupils are very friendly and well behaved. The teachers always help you when you are stuck.

Ley Hill School is a very happy school. Everybody who comes here has the best time ever.

Year 6 Pupils

Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to the Ley Hill School web site which is intended to provide information about our school to the widest possible audience. We are all very proud of our School and are very keen for you to share with us our enthusiasm and sense of purpose.

I very much hope that these pages will convey the message that Ley Hill School is a successful and supportive school and that our children are motivated, challenged and, essentially, happy individuals.

We are delighted and justifiably proud of our web site, which although in its infancy, will grow and provide opportunities for the children to develop their IT and communication skills and for parents and visitors to gain up-to-date information and details about current and planned developments. We welcome any feedback you are able to offer us and hope that you find this new resource valuable.

In a very short period of time we have moved from communicating to parents via a very dirty and smelly ink duplicator, to making the School accessible to the whole world by a mere 'click of a button'. Goodness knows in which direction we move next!

Happy Browsing - Paul de Koning



You can get Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on this logo or at - it is free!


The School Day

School starts at 8.55a.m.
Lunch time 12.00 - 1.00
School ends 3.00 (First school)
School ends 3.15 (Middle school)

Playtimes All children have a mid-morning break.
The First School also has a mid-afternoon break.

In the morning
It is important that your child arrives at School in comfortable time, so that he / she is neither too early nor too late. Try to arrive 5 - 10 minutes before the bell rings.

Good time keeping is an important habit to develop, and also prevents unnecessary anxiety.

At the end of the day
Be sure to arrive to collect your child in good time. Children can become very distressed if a parent or regular childminder is not available at the end of the day.

If your child is being collected by someone other than the parent or regular childminder, please inform the School accordingly - either by a note to the teacher or a phone call to the School Office - so that there is no uncertainty of confusion at the end of the School day.

Car parking is an increasing problem at Ley Hill School and I regret there is no easy or obvious solution.

The safety of children is our immediate and major concern and to achieve this it is essential that parents adhere to all sensible precautions. Please take note of the following recommendations:

1) DO NOT park in the area clearly marked for the School Bus - this is between the driveways leading into School.

2) DO NOT attempt to use either of the School access driveways for collecting and / or depositing children. Reversing out of these driveways puts the children and yourself at considerable risk.

3) DO NOT park on the bend, which is marked and highlighted as a No Parking area. Parking here is undoubtedly a major hazard and will cause congestion and inevitably an accident. The Police have been asked to deal with any vehicle parked within this area.

4) DO NOT park on the grass directly in front of the School. Apart from damaging the grass the children are, again, placed at considerable risk when walking home and / or waiting with parents.

5) DO NOT park across driveways or entrances to neighbours' houses. This very much annoys and inconveniences the local residents and results in complaints being made against the School.

We realise that all of these measures will reduce the amount of parking available to parents but they will help to keep our children away from cars manoeuvring in confined spaces.

Please be prepared to park your car further away from School even if this means a 2 - 3 minute walk. Ley Hill Memorial Hall is available for parking on the condition you use the main concreted driveway and NOT the private driveway to houses alongside the hall.

Finally, I urge everybody to exercise the greatest caution when delivering or collecting children each day.

DO NOT expect our children to be aware of the dangers.

DO NOT expect them to see you.

DO NOT expect them to behave in a predictable manner - frequently they do not.

School Uniform
The School is very proud of its School Uniform Policy, which is fully observed by all pupils.

Details of the School uniform are listed in the School Prospectus. Most items are readily available at chain stores etc. Jumpers and cardigans bearing the School name and School ties may be purchased from the School Office, along with T-shirts and Sweatshirts for P.E.

What your child needs to bring to School
Please provide:

A drawstring shoebag
A pair of plimsolls (preferably slip on)
A painting overall (Dad's old shirt is ideal) with a hanging loop.
Navy shorts and a white T-shirt for P.E.
A chair bag (design attached)

Naming belongings
It is most important that all items of clothing and all other belongings are clearly marked with your child's name. This will help children to be responsible for their own belongings, and reduce the chance of clothing getting lost. Please make sure your child can recognise his / her name if the nametapes are printed in capital letters.

For the comfort of your child (and everyone else) please ensure that you provide a handkerchief or some tissues each day.

You will need to provide your child with a packed lunch in a suitable container. Please ensure that it is labelled clearly, as lunch boxes tend to be very similar and are easily confused.

Drinks need to be supplied in a carton or an unbreakable container. Please do not include any glass bottles or metal cans.

We currently have several children in the School who have severe (i.e. life threatening) allergies to items of food which contain nuts. We urge you to keep nut products out of School, especially peanut butter. If for any reason this cannot be enforced please contact the School direct so that we can ensure that any potential risk is kept to a minimum.

Usually children are discouraged from bringing money or other valuables to School as these easily get lost.

However, there are occasions on which your child may like to bring small amounts to contribute to charity appeals. The School currently supports a boy in Africa through Action Aid, to enable him to go to school. Collections are made for this each Friday.

Larger amounts of money for photographs, School Trips etc. must be sent in a sealed envelope marked with your child's name, the amount enclosed and the purpose of the money. This will generally help prevent money getting lost, and will assist with administration.

Please discourage your child from bringing any toys to School. These may well get lost or broken and will cause upset. We have plenty of equipment to play with in School.

If your child is inseparable from his / her teddy or security blanket we will understand and respect this. Our aim will be to gently 'wean' him / her from this dependence.

Your child may bring a tennis ball or skipping rope to play with in the playground.

Health checks
The School Nurse and Doctor make regular visits to the school. These visits are generally routine and are concerned with height, weight, hearing, eyesight etc.

The School Nurse will fully liaise with parents where necessary.

If your child is too sick to attend School, please phone the School Office by 9.15am on the first day of sickness, so that we are aware of the situation and can officially record the absence. There is no need to telephone the School on subsequent days, but please remember to include a suitable note to the Class Teacher when your child returns to School.

Please do not send children back to School until they are fully recovered from their illness. This is particularly pertinent in respect of stomach complaints and / or sickness and diarrhoea, after which they should have a clear period of 48 hours at home.

Medicine in School
If your child is under medication from the doctor please consider if he / she is well enough to be in School.

If your child requires medicine to be dispensed by the School Office during School hours, it is essential that you either send in a note with the medicine confirming the dose needed and giving us authority to administer it, or come into the office and complete the appropriate School form.

Please do not give your child medicines or tablets to bring to School.

You are urged not to keep your child out of School for reasons other than illness. Any request for absence should be discussed with the Headteacher.

If your child suffers from asthma, please make sure you complete an Asthma Card in the School Office and let the Class Teacher know. The School should also be notified of any other allergies (i.e. Food colourings, nuts, etc.)

Head Lice
Whilst head lice are not exclusively the problem of schools, they are nevertheless an intermittent nuisance of which parents need to be aware. Head lice do not discriminate between clean or dirty hair, nor do they jump or fly. A louse will only transfer from one head to another when two heads are in prolonged head to head contact. If your child has long hair, it may help if you keep it tied up at School.

The best way to check for head lice and stop any infection is to comb regularly with a detection comb (available from chemists) and hair conditioner. Should you find a living, moving louse on your child's scalp, they should be treated immediately before returning to School. Please inform your child's teacher if you have had to treat your child for head lice, so that we may be aware.

Further information about head lice and how to deal with them can be obtained from the School Office.

How to help your child prepare for School

Help your child to be as independent as possible, particularly with dressing and use of the toilet.

Involve your child in your own every day activities. Encourage a questioning attitude.

Read to your child on a daily basis. Share the book with your child, encouraging participation where appropriate.

Help your child to take responsibility for his / her toys and play equipment, i.e. tidying up.

Play games with your child. Games encourage concentration, a willingness to take turns and, hopefully, how to accept defeat gracefully.

Encourage number skills by counting everyday objects. Help your child to recognise numbers on cars, houses, etc.

Invite other children to play at home and encourage return visits.

It is useful if your child is able to recognise his / her name in written form, e.g. Jack Smith or Susan Jones, and to have a knowledge of his / her own address.

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Learning to Write
If your child wants to write before coming to School, please encourage correct formation of letters with the emphasis on lower case as described here:

Lower case letters
Start at the x and follow the arrows.

Teach your child the correct pencil hold, as shown, and make sure they are sitting comfortably without the hand getting too tense.

Hold the crayon or pencil between the index finger and thumb. The other fingers are bent underneath the pencil to act as a cushion. The end of the pencil should rest against the curve between finger and thumb and point over the shoulder on that side.

The greatest possible emphasis is placed on reading. The ability to read with understanding and enjoyment is of paramount importance.

Your child will be given her / his first School reading book on the first day of School. This, and future reading books will be sent home on a daily basis in the plastic folder provided. Reading is very much a shared experience and suggestions for maximising the support you give to your child will be sent home with the first book.

Please make every effort to support your child with reading and all future homework activities.

When you have questions or problems
Do not hesitate to approach your child's teacher if you have any worries, or would just like to see what your child has been doing in School. We are all very willing to explain how your child is being taught.

It is usually best to talk to teachers after School, as mornings are very busy!

If we have any problems we also promise to let you know as soon as possible.

If you are concerned about anything please do not wait for formal Parent / Teacher Consultation Evenings. Contact the School immediately.

Pre-School visit programme
Prior to your child joining the Reception Class, you will be invited to bring your child into School for 3 weekly visits to become familiar with the School, and to make friends. You are welcome to stay with your child on these occasions if you would like to or if your child needs you.


Parent Helper Programme

At Ley Hill School we have a large number of very supportive parents who come into school on either a regular or ad-hoc basis to help with numerous activities throughout the school. Parents (and Grandparents) help in a variety of ways, including reading, technology, ICT, science, art and craft as well as helping to supervise the children on visits and trips out of school.

To help make parents feel at ease when they come into school, we hold an evening training session once a year and have produced a handbook which offers advice on various practical issues. Copies of the handbook are available from the School Office, or you can click here for the online version.

Being a Parent Helper can be a very rewarding experience. Please talk to any member of staff if you may be interested.

Welcome to the PA web page

The PA exists to raise funds to help the school provide for those extras that are so important for our children's education. We run various events throughout the year, with the aim of raising money, having fun and meeting other parents.

All parents of the school are automatically members of the PA. If you would like to stand for election to the PA committee or just come along to our meetings you will receive a warm welcome.


The PA Committee meets usually about once a month to organise social and fund raising events and to discuss issues concerning the school's welfare. Funds raised last year were used to purchase computers, playground equipment, books and other items for use by the pupils in the school. This year we are raising money for computer equipment, for reference books for the library, and for a quiet area garden project in the playground.

There are lots of different events each year. We hope that you will support the school by taking part in as many of these events as you can.

If you would like to help us please e-mail the Chairman care of

Chairman of Ley Hill Parents' Association

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Editorial office:
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