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St Aubyns School
76 High Street, Rottingdean, BN2 7JN, UK Brighton
+44 (0)1273 302170

St Aubyns School Shield

Dear Parents

A very warm welcome to St Aubyns. I would like to invite you to come and visit our school, to meet children and staff from the Pre-Prep and Prep Departments, see our 11 acres of grounds, look at our considerable range of facilities and, I hope, begin to understand our very special, distinctive ethos.
St Aubyns has been preparing children for British senior schools for over 100 years. Our aim is to make the children feel happy, secure and valued, and to foster each individual child in developing their individual strengths. Our extended school day allows us to offer a wide range of creative, sporting and academic extras in addition to a broad academic curriculum. The creative arts are flourishing at St Aubyns and all the children are encouraged to develop their potential in this area.

Central to our educational success is a very low pupil to adult ratio, and a committed and well-qualified team of teachers who are passionate about teaching and nurturing children. Through pastoral care in small tutor groups throughout the school and an emphasis on developing good social skills we aspire to create confident and well-mannered children. Each pupil receives individual guidance and as a consequence our children are confident and polite, and achieve outstanding results in a range of fields at 13+.

Our recent Inspection Report (ISI 2007) highlights a "stimulating and tolerant atmosphere", "outstanding" pastoral care, and our focus on personalised learning as "an area of outstanding practice". "Achievement in drama, art and sport ... is outstanding for a school of its size", the report states.  The behaviour of the children and the excellent relationship between pupils and staff are also singled out for praise.

I hope very much that you will be intrigued by what you read here and then arrange to pay us a visit.

Simon Hitchings, Headmaster


At the focal point of our vision is a child. That child needs to feel happy, secure and valued. The child we see possesses a vast range of talents. We want to see the School provide an environment which will encourage those talents to develop. We see five areas of the child’s education which need to be focussed on by the School.

The child’s intellectual development.
The School will try to instil in the child the joy and excitement of finding out about the world in which we live. The basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics must be developed early on during the child’s time in the school. To these skills must be added the discipline of setting out written work clearly and accurately, the ability to debate and discuss, the skills required for independent learning, the analysis of problems and the development of logical solutions. As a twenty-first century global child the study of modern languages and Technology is very important.

The child’s creative and cultural development.
The child at the focal point of our vision has unique creative potential and the School will aim to uncover this creativity by exposure to a wide variety of cultural activities. By stimulating the child’s awareness of and involvement in the visual and performing arts these cultural talents can be awoken. Knowledge and understanding of prose, poetry, music, dance and drama will be used to build confidence and the ability to communicate in every sphere of activity, so important in today’s multimedia society.

The child’s spiritual development.
The child we see lives in an increasingly secular society often preoccupied with materialism. We believe it has never been more important to attach great value to the development of children’s awareness of their spirituality. In this School we hope that the child will find knowledge of what God means and develop the Christian values of compassion, forgiveness and humility. It is vital that the child values and respects other faiths and cultures.

The child’s social development.
St Aubyns places great emphasis on good pastoral care. The standards of behaviour set by the adults within the School must be as high as possible. The child will be taught to consider others, to develop good manners, to understand and cherish the natural environment and to contribute positively to worthwhile group activities. We hope that the child will have a strong, generous character and will be able to resist inappropriate peer pressure.

The child’s physical development.
We seek to promote health of body and mind. In the School, skills, knowledge and understanding of a balanced range of appropriate physical activities will be developed. The child will learn to work effectively as a team member, develop aesthetic appreciation and the ability to win or lose with good grace. We hope the child will leave St Aubyns with a love of at least one sport either minor or major as well as having experienced many different outdoor activities such as rock climbing, canoeing etc.

Transfer to Senior School.
The child should have fulfilled his or her true potential when the time for transfer to Senior School arrives. It will have been our goal throughout his or her time at St Aubyns to recognise and develop that potential as far as possible whether it is success at Common Entrance or a Major Award to a Senior School.

Children learn what they live.
The environment we would wish for in St Aubyns is summarised beautifully in the following poem:-
When children live with criticism
They learn to condemn
When children live with hostility
They learn to fight.
When children live with ridicule
They learn to be shy.
When children live with shame
They learn to feel guilty.
When children live with tolerance
They learn to be patient.
When children live with encouragement
They learn confidence.
When children live with praise
They learn to appreciate.
When children live with fairness
They learn justice.
When children live with security
They learn to have faith.
When children live with approval
They learn to like themselves.
When children live with acceptance and friendship
They learn to find love in the World.

Adults may have to learn to give what they never received themselves.

This document was produced jointly by the St Aubyns staff in January 2001. It was revised, again by the staff sitting in committee, in November 2006.


  • Our 2007 Independent Schools Inspectorate report described as outstanding the school's focus on individualised learning. This is achieved by maintaining an Individual Learning Plan for all children from their entry to the school. This identifies strengths and relative weaknesses and steps that classroom teachers and Learning Plus teachers can take to give particular help. These ILPs are monitored by the Head of Learning Plus and by all teachers at Pupil Profiling afternoons.
  • Great emphasis is placed on ensuring that children have a firm foundation in the core subjects of Maths and English on which to build so that they can flourish in Science, the Humanities and languages.
  • Teachers adopt a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of different children. Creativity and imagination are encouraged alongside a belief in the importance of basic skills and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Close attention is paid to the requirements of the National Curriculum, but we teach above and beyond this.
  • In the Prep Department, all children learn English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies (through our own Global Eye scheme encompassing Bible stories, world religions, moral questions and PSHE), Design Technology, Art, ICT, PE and Music.
  • Almost everyone learns French (begun in Year 2) and a large majority learn Latin (from Year 5). Spanish is offered as a club-based activity. Ancient Greek will soon be on offer as an optional activity.
  • Most children are prepared for the 13+ Common Entrance examination for a wide range of local and national Senior Schools.
  • Some are prepared for 13+ scholarships to the most academically demanding schools.
  • We also achieve outstanding success with children for whom the academic scene is more of a struggle.  Please see our admissions policy under 'Entry to the School'.



  • St Aubyns has an extended day (ending at 5.30 for those in the Prep department) which enables us to offer a wide range of activities. Thirty plus activities are available for the “Activity” period.
  • Children can choose from the following list: Art club, Badminton, Basketball, Band, Brass group, Board Games, Chess*, Choirs (Chapel and Junior), Computers*, Cricket nets (indoors)*, Chinese*, Country Dancing, Design and Technology, Dance (Tap/Jazz/Ballet)*, Drama*, Chill Out Drama Club*,Electronics, Environmental Issues, Extra art*, Fencing*, French conversation*, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Hockey club (indoors), Instrumental lessons*, Jamnasium (musical groups),Jaffa (Bible Study), Model making, Model railways, Photography, Riding, Singing*, Spanish*, Squash*, Strings group, Tennis* and Wind band.
  • Additional charge applies to asterisked activities.


Our Pre-Prep opened in our Centenary Year 1995 followed by the Nursery in September 2002. The Pre-Prep is called Mulberry Corner and is situated within the 11 acre site and uses all the school facilities e.g. swimming pool, ICT suite, ceramics room, performing arts studio, music rooms, gym and sports field.

  • Known in the school as Mulberry Corner because of its location by an old mulberry tree.
  • For children aged 3–7 years, covering Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 2.
  • In normal circumstances, children are expected to move into the Transition form (Year 3) in the September following their 7th birthday.

    Mulberry Corner provides a diverse, innovative and inspiring curriculum which:

    • educates the whole child
    • caters for individual needs
    • builds self-confidence
    • provides children with the vital building blocks of reading, writing and mathematics.

    The Curriculum

    Foundation Stage (Nursery & Reception) follow the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, Years 1 & 2 follow the National Curriculum, Literacy and Numeracy Strategies but St Aubyns School offers much, much more.

    In addition children receive specialist teaching in music, dance, drama, French (from Year 2) and instrumental lessons.

    Academic progress is closely monitored and individual programmes of work are established for children who require additional help or extension. These are put together after consultation with teachers, parents and Learning Plus staff. Teaching staff are supported by classroom assistants, enabling Mulberry Corner to have an adult:child ratio of 1:8.

    ArtsExpress - is an integrated creative and expressive arts programme for St Aubyns School.

    St Aubyns School ArtsExpress programme has been established to develop the children's appreciation and understanding of the cultural word around them. The programmes links into the everyday work in Art, Drama, Dance and Music. Each year group experiences workshops with professional musicians, artists, dancers, and actors as well as benefitting from our own specialist team.

    The workshops are further enhanced by:

    • Visits to art galleries, undertaking workshops whilst there
    • Dance events
    • Film events and exploring film as a medium of expression
    • Attending concerts and taking part in workshops and plays

    The children are encouraged to use their experiences in their own artistic work.

    We can only whet your appetite through or website. Why not come and see for yourself what Mulberry Corner has to offer.

    We look forward to discussing our philosophy with you!

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