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St Simon Stock R C Comprehensive School
Oakwood Park, ME16 0JP, UK Maidstone
+44 (0)1622 754551

Aims & School Code

We aim for the children in our care:

  • to be happy
  • to feel safe and secure
  • to be educated in an attractive and stimulating environment
  • to be valued, challenged and fulfilled irrespective of their strengths or weaknesses
  • to achieve their full potential
  • to develop peer and adult relationships
  • to be nurtured in their faith
  • to be recognised as being unique, gifted and created by God

As a Christian community we strive daily to live out in practice the Gospel values and to seek to deepen our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We believe that all members of our community are created by God and so deserve and should receive equal love, justice, respect and opportunities for growth and fulfilment. In our community the needs of each student are met through skilled pastoral support with lots of praise and acknowledgement of student effort and achievement.

The St Simon Stock Catholic School Code

As a Christian Community we will:

  • respect ourselves
  • respect others
  • respect our environment
  • be polite at all times
  • arrive on time for school and lessons
  • be prepared with the correct books and equipment
  • work in all lessons to the best of our ability
  • listen carefully when spoken to by others
  • be responsible for our own actions
  • be correctly dressed at all times
  • do our best and strive for excellence

The school is particularly concerned to foster a Christian atmosphere and to reinforce the values and beliefs of the Christian family. Good discipline is essential for the personal development of the students in our care. The
Christian relationships, which are fostered between all members of the school community, help towards the attainment of self-discipline.

The school rules reflect Christian concern for the good of the individual, the community and the environment. Self-discipline and consideration for others are the basis for the school rules. Our aim is a high standard of behaviour and courtesy both inside and outside school. We also insist on good standards of punctuality, cleanliness and appearance. Courtesy, good manners and good language should be genuine and not simply displayed when within sight of a member of staff. We do not allow extremes of fashion in either dress or hairstyles.
Above all, we seek to instil in our students an honest and realistic set of values.

Students are expected to keep the rules and regulations of the school; behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way in school, on the way to and from school and when taking part in any activities organised by the school; obey members of staff and prefects.

The School Rules are as follows:

1. No student may leave the school without permission from the appropriate Head of Year.

2. Absence from school must be explained by a written note from parents on the day the student returns toschool, even when a telephone message has been received.

3. Staff and Prefects must be respected and obeyed at all times. Rudeness or bad language will not be tolerated.

4 The possession, sale or use of illegal substances, on school premises is absolutely forbidden and could lead to exclusion. The possession of alcohol, tobacco, knives, other dangerous items or pornographic material could be dealt
with as severely as illegal substances.

5. Students will be required to pay for any deliberate damage to property.

6. All 7 to 11 year students must wear school Uniform. Sixth form students must comply with the required dress code.

7. Hair must not be dyed or tinted. No jewellery may be worn, except a single pair of unobtrusive studs in girls' pierced ears. Boys' hair must be short and tidy and clear of the face and shirt collar. Boys must be clean-shaven.

8. Eating and drinking is forbidden in corridors and classrooms. The chewing of gum is not allowed in school.


Saint Simon Stock Catholic School places great importance upon school uniform, which is compulsory for all Year 7-11 students. Students will not be permitted to attend lessons unless they are in full school uniform. If there is an exceptional reason why a student is not wearing the correct uniform, e.g. an accident at the last minute, the Form Tutor will require a note from the parent.

The school uniform provides the students with a sense of school identity and ensures that standards of dress and presentation are maintained and are not subject to fashionable variation.

  • Trainers and plimsolls may only be worn for games lessons and in the playground at lunch time.
  • NO JEWELLERY IS ALLOWED except for a small pair of plain studs in girls' pierced ears. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss of such items or any injury caused by them.
  • Girls are not permitted to wear make-up or nail varnish and they must have long hair tied back.
  • All parents are asked to ensure that standards are maintained and that the correct uniform is worn. All clothing must be clearly marked with the student's name. PE and games kit should have the initials embroidered OR a name tape sewn so as to be clearly visible, on the inside of each garment. The Finance Office deals with all uniform orders and enquiries.
  • Girls are permitted to wear trousers. They must be tailored, of smart appearance and of non-rib material or combat design. No fashion trousers will be accepted as school wear. Girls' trousers must be ordered through the Finance Office.
  • Students must not bring expensive articles of clothing or equipment to school unless with the prior approval of the Head of Year.
  • The school will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to students' private property. No clothing must be left in school overnight.

Sixth Formers:

  • must dress formally rather than casually
  • must dress as if for business, or formal office work
  • maintain this smart level of appearance at all times
  • must not wear JEANS, or SHORTS, or T SHIRTS, or SWEATSHIRTS, or TRAINERS
  • should not wear coats indoors
  • should not display extremes of fashion

In addition, sixth form BOYS must:

  • be clean shaven
  • visibly wear a shirt and tie
  • not wear earrings, or other facial jewellery
  • not wear boots
  • ensure that their hair is neat and not of excessive length or unusual appearance

In addition, sixth form GIRLS must:

  • not wear very short skirts (hemlines to be nearer the knee than the top of the thigh) or skirts with slits
  • not wear low cut, or excessively tight, or revealing tops
  • not display bare midriffs
  • not wear facial jewellery - with the exception of earrings


This status recognises St Simon Stock Catholic School as a centre of excellence in these subjects. We receive extra money from the Government for four years to develop these areas of the curriculum and to support our school in raising standards not only in the specialist areas but in all subjects.

As a result of this new status we have built three new ICT specialist rooms and acquired new equipment to support the teaching in these specialist areas. All departments are benefitting from the extra resources because of our Specialist Status.

We received £100,000 capital funding as part of our Specialist Status which supported the building of three new fully equipped ICT rooms and two new Business Studies rooms and offices.


Students are set homework at a level appropriate to their age and ability throughout their school career. Some homeworks may involve long term projects; others will need t be handed in soon after setting. We appreciate all the support parents give, both in providing a quiet place to work and in making sure homework is done on time for the due date noted in every student's contact book.

We assess each students's work on a continuous basis, recording progress achieved and identifying areas for improvement. In addition to the reports we send home, giving parents written information about their child's progress, we also invite you to meet your child's teachers at annual Parents' Evenings.
Target Setting Day in the Autumn term enables students with the help of their parents and their teachers to set their own individual targets for the year which are then reviewed and new targets set at the end of the summer term. Students are encouraged by their tutor to refelct on their own learning and to set their own targets for improvement, in order to help them become independent learners.


Extra-curricular activities are an important feature of life at St Simon Stock Catholic School.

Students have the opportunity to belong to a wide variety of clubs and societies including sport, choir, orchestra, drama, dance, chess, computing, debating, public speaking and a number of subject based activities.

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