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Inverallochy Primary School
School Street, AB43 8XZ, UK Inverallochy, Fraserburgh
Tel.01346 582217, Fax 01346 583359
- Football Team
- Rugby

Welcome !!!

Inverallochy School is situated on the Northeast tip of Scotland, approximately 5 miles from the fishing port of Fraserburgh and 45 miles from the city of Aberdeen.

The school serves the picturesque, twin villages of Inverallochy and Cairnbulg, which have a combined population of approximately 1200.

The villages are situated right on the edge of the North Sea and are lucky to have a combination of rocky shores and sandy beaches.

Aims of Our School
  • To provide a happy, secure and stimulating environment enabling each child to develop to his/her potential.
  • To provide a broad based curriculum, which will meet the needs and abilities of all pupils.
  • To give the children an opportunity to learn through a variety of teaching approaches and styles.
  • To create awareness of the environment and encourage an active interest in it.
  • To encourage children to act in a responsible and caring manner in school and in the wider community.
  • To develop close home/school ties building a positive partnership with parents.



The school of Inverallochy was established in 1841. The expense of the buildings was defrayed by contributions from the Fisherman of Inverallochy and Cairnbulg and others, from Colonel Charles Fraser of Inverallochy, and a Government Grant of £108.10.

It was at the time called the General Assembly's School Rathen, but the Heritors of Rathen immediately made it a second Parochial school, under the name of Rathen Coastside Parochial School and assigned to it a salary of £25.13.4. It has been generally known as the School of Inverallochy.

The dimensions of the School were 36 feet long, 20 feet wide and 14 feet high, and it was seated for 96 scholars. But it was soon found necessary to remove one of the tables, and the number of settings was thus reduced to 88.

Mr. Robert Summers was the first teacher, and was appointed in 1841. In 1845 he resigned and Mr. George Mathieson M.A. from the General Assembly's School, Glenfoundland, was appointed Master and began work on the 14th January 1846.

In 1861 the Masters salary was raised to £37.10s.

In 1866 the attendance had increased to so great a number that it was found necessary to enlarge the school rooms and Colonel Fraser applied to the Heritors of Rathen, who handsomely bore the whole expense. It was extended in length to 54 feet and seated for 130.

In 1872 the Education Act came into operation, and the whole establishment passed to the Rathen School Board. The members of the school Board were the Rev. John F. M. Cock, Minister of Rathen, Chairman and the Rev. Alexander Cobban F.C., minister of Rathen, Sir Alexander Anderson, Aberdeen, Andrew Lightwood, farmer, Middletack, George Cruickshank, farmer, North Cortes, William Jamieson Lawrence, General Merchant, Gowanhill, Charles Mollison, farmer, Manor Farm, Memsie.

It will observed that none of the fishermen are on the Board. The tenure of their houses is such that they had no voice in the election and pay no direct rates. They have thus no place in the management of their own school.

The attendance at the school now became very great. The fishermen have for years been becoming more alert to the advantages of School Education and consequently send their children to School at an earlier age, and continue them longer, and with greater regularity than they did in past times. An elderly woman, who taught about forty children, discontinued her School.

A Salutary dread of the consequences of the compulsory clauses of the Education Act, has at once raised the gross attendance by about 40. In consequence, the average daily attendance about the end of 1873 was about 240.

In October 1872, the Rathen School Board resolved to build a Girls' School for the villages, but in order to accommodate the landward district adjoining, they fixed the place where it was to be built at a mile distance from the villages.

The fishermen immediately petitioned the Board of Education against the direction, offering to contribute handsomely to the buildings, if they should be placed in the immediate neighbourhood of the villages.

On the 31st of December 1873, the School Board appointed Miss Mary Jane Taylor as Assistant Teacher.

On account of the excessive attendance, the fishermen have arranged to give the site of a Meeting Hall in the village of Cairnbulg to the Infant Teacher and her department until the school buildings are ready. This they most readily granted, and at the same time agreed to put a stove into it at their own expense.

1874. 12 January. This day the School was opened after the Christmas Holidays, and Miss Taylor commenced her work. As the stove had not yet been put into the Meeting House, she has had to do her work in a room of the Master's House.

In the sewing department, she takes a portion of the girls one-hour in the forenoon, and another portion one-hour in the afternoon.

Besides the Master and Mistress, the School Staff consists of Five Monitors, namely,

Archibald Strachan

Alexander Stephen

Gilbert May

Ann May

Elizabeth May

A temporary timetable is constructed, according to which the school is taught as far as circumstances will allow, but from the inadequacy of the accommodation to the attendance, it cannot be closely adhered to.


19 January. Still no stove and the inadequacy of the accommodation is very much felt.

21 January. This day, the Rev. John F.M. Cock, chairman of the Board, called at the school.

26 January. All things same as before. Present today 244. Mr Kerr, Government Inspector, is to inspect the School tomorrow.

School inspected January 27/1874 by Mr Kerr, H.M.I.

2 February. The Meeting House in the village being now ready, the Junior Classes in the school were this day marched away to that place under the charge of Miss Taylor and three of the Monitors. The timetable is now superseded, and one for each department will be prepared when the classes are duly organized.

Headteachers of our school

Opening of the School - 1965

George Mathieson


Click here to find out more about our classes


Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 5

Room 6

Room 7



At playtime Mrs Audrey Strachan will be supervising you. Mrs Naomi Cardno is on hand to help and supervise you at lunchtime. You are generally not allowed to stay indoors unless the weather is severe.

It would be greatly appreciated if children who take home dinners do not return to school until 1:25PM on days when the weather is really bad.

We try and keep the children actively involved by supplying play equipment. Each week a notice is posted on the notice board, informing you what this week's crazes are.

Several children, known as the Golden Gang, patrol the playground, carrying out equipment and chairs to sit on etc. and also help the pupils.

Anyone who has no one to play with is invited to sit on one of the friendship chairs until a member of the Golden Gang finds them a friend.

You are rewarded with a certificate if you behave well in the playground.

School Meals

School meals are available in the dining hall. If you would prefer to take packed lunches rather than school dinners you simply bring along your packed lunch to the dining hall.

The school dinner price is £1.20. Below here is a sample of a school menu.


An example of a menu for a school day

Turkey burgers or Pork casserole

With beans or peas

Creamed potatoes or bread

Chocolate crispies with milk or fresh fruit

This Changes every day

Remember that it is important to eat your school dinner or packed lunch. The food will give you energy for the rest of your day at school. Don't forget to drink some water as well.


We have a lollipop person who is on duty at the school gate at the following times:

8:40 am - 9:20am

12:10pm - 1:35pm

2:55pm - 3:40pm

Our current crossing patrol person is Mr Paul Ferguson who has only been with us for a few weeks.

Please take care when crossing the road at all times.

Pupil Council

An elected boy and girl, chosen from each class, regularly meet with Miss Stephen to discuss any problems and to put forward suggestions for improving our school.

Pupils, of course, are always welcome to approach Miss Stephen with their own opinion at anytime.

Snack Attack

We have a tuck shop that is open during playtime and dinnertime, which is run by our primary 4 to 7 pupils on a weekly basis. Our classroom assistant Mrs Angela Willox who holds a hygiene certificate level 5 and who supervises the tuck-shop. Milk, fruit juice, wholesome cookies, fruit and raisins are for sale at the tuck shop.

War Memorial

Outside our school is Inverallochy and Cairnbulg's war memorial. Every year at 11:00am on the 11th of November, the school goes outside for 2 minutes silence in order to remember all the brave people who died in World War I and II. The people of the villages are also invited to come to the Memorial for 2 minutes silence.

Pupils of Inverallochy School are encouraged to respect the Memorial and to remember that all the names written inscribed are those of people whom died bravely while fighting for their country.


School, Parents and Community

We seek to foster a genuine partnership with our parents in the education and welfare of their children. We value their views and will endeavour to consult with them any proposed changes, for example, the school day.

We consider it very important to keep our parents informed about all aspects of school life through meetings, interviews and regular newsletters.

Inverallochy Primary School Parents/Staff Association

The Association was formed to foster close relationships between home and school. The committee consists of nine parents and three members of staff. A copy of the constitution and a list of current PSA members is available on request.

The PSA activities include both fund-raising and social events. Any money raised goes to provide additional facilities and equipment for the school.

School Board

Inverallochy has had a school board since 1989 due to the school board (Scotland) act 1988 which requires every education authority to establish a school board for each school in the area.

School boards play an important role involving parents and the community more fully in the running of schools.

Membership consists of parents, teachers and co-opted members of the community. The headteacher and local councillor usually attend the meetings although they do not member status. Board members generally hold office for four years with an election held every two years.

Current members are-

Mr Ian Watt (chairman)

Miss Nicola Simpson (staff member)

Mr George McKenzie

Mr John Cardno

Mrs Kim Miller

Mrs Morag Ogston

Mrs Margo McRae - Local councillor

Miss Eunice Stephen - Head teacher



School Uniform

Pupils are actively encouraged to wear school uniform. We seek parental support and request that all children should wear the following uniform.

Navy or Grey Skirt/Trousers

Navy, Grey or Red Sweater/Cardigan/School Sweatshirt

White Shirt and Tie

(Ties and Sweatshirts are available from the school)

Blazers are expensive and in our climate can be worn for only a short time-an anorak is perfectly acceptable.

School Meals

School meals are available in the dining hall. Cash or cheque on a weekly or daily basis can purchase tickets. It is helpful if pupils buy a book of tickets at any time on Monday Mornings which would last them 2 weeks. Cash should be sent in an envelope with young children and cheques should be made payable to Aberdeenshire Council. Children who wish to take packed lunches are also accommodated in our dining room and are supervised by are lunchtime auxiliary, Mrs Naomi Cardno.


On this page you will find out about the sport at Inverallochy School. We will fill you up with information about the football team and our Rugby team. Read on and find out about the very sporty Inverallochy School.

Football Team

Inverallochy School has a very successful Football Team. Going all the way back to 1992 when Inverallochy School won the first ever Tyrie Gala Trophy, the school team has never failed to retain the title. Our school has won the District Rural League every year for the past three years. At the Westfield Gala in 1995 we came Runners-up and ever since that day we have won this competition.

In 1997 our school team won all six trophies that could be won in the local primary football leagues. . This is the only team in the school’s history that has done this and we hope to do it again.

The following players made school history:

    • William S West

    • Robert Heron

    • Alexander Buchan

    • Stuart Whyte

    • William A West

    • Gilbert Patterson

    • Steve Tait

    • Eddie Cardno

    • Ross Strachan


Over the past few weeks, Jonathan Phillips from the Scottish Rugby Association has been giving our P6 and P7's some rugby training so that we can participate in a competition with some Fraserburgh schools at Fraserburgh Academy. We have been learning how to do scrums, tackles and we have even been playing some games between our two classes. Everybody is really keen on doing this and we are looking forward to it.



Every year our school has a Potted Sports Event for all the pupils. This takes place on the last day of the summer term and everyone is involved from P1 to P7 pupils. There are fourteen stages and there are also fourteen teams. The aim is to try and get as many points from all the stages as the team possibly can. We are really looking forward to doing it this year.

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