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Greendown Community School
Grange Park Way, Swindon,SN5 6HN Grange Park
01793 874224

At Greendown we place emphasis on celebrating achievement and encouraging positive attitudes. We reward achievement through positive achievement awards. Ofsted remarked that 'students have good attitudes to learning; their behaviour and relationships are good'. However, there are cases where it is necessary to respond to negative behaviour. The school behaviour policy is based on the following set of students rights and responsibilities and is underpinned by the philosophy of 'think of the other person'. If a student fails to meet his or her responsibilities, or prevents another receiving their due rights, the school will pursue one of a number of lines of action based on the severity of the transgression. Sanctions include removing a student from a lesson, detaining a student either during break/ lunch or after school and in extreme cases, temporary exclusion from school (possibly leading to permanent exclusion). We pride ourselves on the behaviour of our students.

Students are required by law to attend school until the end of Year 11. We are required to check all absence from school. Any absence without a note from a parent or guardian is unauthorised. Unauthorised absence, or extended/ repetitive absence will be followed up via the appropriate channels. Students are therefore expected to attend school punctually every day unless there is a legitimate reason. We are proud of our low level of absence at Greendown School; to maintain this level, parents are asked to telephone the school on the first day of a child's absence. Any student achieving 100% attendance is awarded a certificate. 100% punctuality is also rewarded. Students are expected to remain on site during the school day, and will be asked to provide notes if they wish to be signed out. Students are not allowed off campus at breaks, but may leave for the lunch period if their tutor is given written permission from parents. Students who feel well should report to the school office. With the increasing technology available to us, we believe that we can now give parents a comprehensive picture of the all-round performance of a student. At our regular consultations we will share this information, so that we can work in partnership with parents to support and encourage our students and set them realistic targets for improvement and development.

Here at Greendown, we promote a series of 'promises' about what is expected of the school as well as our pupils and their parents.

The school’s promise:
To have high expectations, high quality teaching & support pupils so that they achieve their full potential
2. To aim to meet the needs of each pupil
3. To aim to provide the necessary resources to enable the pupil to learn
4. To provide regular homestudy
5. To provide each pupil with a homestudy diary
6. To provide each pupil with a personal tutor to look after welfare and educational progress
7. To provide information to parents on the educational and social progress of the pupil
8. To provide opportunities for staff & parents to meet to review progress
9. To encourage good behaviour & establish clear & fair disciplinary systems
10. To deal promptly with poor behaviour affecting the welfare of any pupil

The parents’ promise
1. To provide support & encouragement for the pupil in all aspects of learning
2. To provide the necessary materials and equipment for the pupil
3. To support the pupil to complete homestudy
4. To support the school in measures taken to ensure that homestudy is completed correctly
5. To ensure that the pupil regularly attends school on time
6. To inform the school promptly of the reasons for absence
7. To inform the tutor of anything which may affect the learning or welfare of the pupil
8. To attend the routing parent/teacher consultations
9. To encourage good behaviour & support all aspects of the school disciplinary systems
10. To ensure that the pupil is dressed according to the school dress code
11. To support other parents in helping all pupils to make full use of the educational opportunities at Greendown in a caring
and concerned environment

The pupils’ promise
1. To aim to improve
2. To work and cooperate with all staff
3. To come correctly equipped for all lessons
4. To complete homestudy & hand it in on time
5. To record homestudy in the diary & show the diary to parents
6. To attend all lessons on time
7. To talk to staff about problems & difficulties
8. To respect all people & not physically or verbally abuse them
9. To support fellow pupils by not accepting the abuse or bullying of others
10. To respect all school property & all property of any other pupils
11. To come correctly dresses in accordance with the school dress code

1. We have the right to learn and to educational opportunities which enable our maximum progress and achievement.
2. We have the right to be treated with respect by all people, irrespective of age, gender, race, creed or ability.
3. We have the right to express our reasonable opinion and be listened to.
4. We have the right to feel safe in and around school, both at work and in play.
5. We have the right not to be bullied in any way, shape or form.
6. We have the right to expect that our possessions will be secure in and around school.

We have the responsibility not to interrupt or disturb the learning of others.
2. We have the responsibility to respect all others within our community.
3. We have the responsibility to allow others to express their reasonable opinions and listen to them.
4. We have the responsibility to ensure the safety of all pupils by behaving in a reasonable manner in and around school.
5. We have the responsibility not to bully or to encourage others to bully and to report any bullying we see.
6. We have the responsibility to look after our possessions and those of others and to care for school facilities and
equipment, reporting any theft or mistreatment that we see.

ICT Code of Conduct
The IT facilities at Greendown School are defined as computers and software, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, printer ports, cameras, Internet network connection and e-mail and any other device or item attached to or used in connection with these items, including furniture and fittings surrounding them and the rooms in which they are sited.

The school reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system or to monitor any Internet sites visited.

All use of the facilities is governed by these rules. The rules concern what is considered unacceptable behaviour and misuse, as well as what may infringe license terms or otherwise be illegal. The school regards computer misuse as a serious matter which may warrant disciplinary proceedings.

In the first instance this will be a removal of permission to use the facilities (i.e. a period of being banned), repeated occurrences will result in longer 'bans' and eventually all use of the facilities will be withdrawn. Offences of a criminal nature, such as copying third party software without a license may lead to prosecution by the police.

Misuse of the facilities and unacceptable behaviour include (but may not be limited to) the following:
1. Attempting to gain unauthorised access to a facility
2. Using someone else's Username
3. Disregarding the privacy of other people's files
4. Giving your password to someone else, or being otherwise careless with it
5. Generating messages or documents that appear to originate from someone else , or otherwise impersonating someone
6. Sending messages that may be construed as abusive, cause distress or otherwise a nuisance
7. Displaying, printing or distributing, in any form whatsoever, material that may be deemed offensive
8. Interfering with someone else's use of the facilities
9. Being wasteful of resources, particularly printer ink cartridges and paper
10. Introduction or installation of any form of software
11. Software piracy (including the infringement of software licenses or other copyright provisions, whether knowingly or
12. During the lesson using the computer for tasks other than those designated by the teacher
13. Using the facilities for commercial gain without explicit authorisation
14. Physically damaging or otherwise interfering with the facilities (including adjusting the monitor settings and creating
shortcut links in a user area)
15. Taking food or drink (including sweets and chewing gum) into the computer suites
16. Leaving the computer suites in an untidy condition, including litter
17. Storage of anything other than a document in a user area
18. Forgetting your Username (an administrative charge will be made for issuing a new one)

These rules also apply to use of e-mail and Internet and also include the following:
1. All Internet activity should be appropriate to the student's education
2. Users are responsible for all e-mail being sent and for contacts made that may result in e-mail being received
3. As e-mail can be forwarded or inadvertently be sent to the wrong person, the same professional levels of language and
content should be applied as for letters and other media
4. Use of the network to access inappropriate materials such as pornographic, racist or offensive material is forbidden
5. The use of any form of 'chat' line is expressly forbidden

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